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Why I Don't Like Romeo

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Why I Don't Like Romeo

Romeo & Juliet is the tragic love story for the ages. It is the story that everyone knows or has heard of to some extent, but that doesn't mean it's flawless.

Alright, let's put this into perspective: Romeo is crying over a beautiful girl named Rosaline in the beginning of the play, right? He's so sad because she doesn't love him. He just wants to die; he'll never love anyone else, wah. His friends are like, "Dude, get over her. There's other hot chicks out there. Go chase 'em." So they more or less crash the Capulet's party, which is a no-no. Mercutio and Benvolio want him to go and look at other girls, because they're teenagers. Romeo wants to go to see Rosaline, the one he "loves," or so he thinks. He gets to the party and sees Juliet. Suddenly, Rosaline doesn't exist. Juliet is the greatest person to walk the earth. They talk for a little while and then kiss, because that's totally acceptable. Well, Juliet's not the most emotionally developed, either, but she is a little bit more mature than Romeo. And she's only thirteen. Romeo calls Juliet his "sun" after meeting her a few hours earlier. That's a little extreme, if you ask me. Something tells me this is more of a hormonal thing. Lust at first sight, perhaps. Don't get me wrong, though, Romeo & Juliet is a fantastic story. I'm just not a fan of Romeo. He seems a little immature and dramatic for my tastes.

But of course, I do like the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo. Maybe that isn't really because of the story...

What do you think of Romeo?

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