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What's Your Walking Dead Name?

What's Your Walking Dead Name?


For those antisocial cave dwellers that haven’t heard, the world has been overrun by zombies! But you can chillax because it’s not an actual zombie apocalypse. They’re just taking over Hollywood! And the superduperdramaticamazing show The Walking Dead has spearheaded the takeover with tons of gory walker kills and intense survivor drama. And with the season 3 finale quickly approaching (March 31st!), what better way to celebrate than finding your Walking Dead name? BONUSNESS: You can also find the role you play in your post-zombie-apocalypse survival group! Just follow the steps below!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the type of weapon you’d use to fight off the walkers.

Gun: Rick/Judith
Ax: Milton/Andrea
Baseball bat: Jimmy/Beth
Crossbow: Daryl/Sophia
Rock: Merle/Lori
Piece of lumber: Shane/Hayley
Chainsaw: Carl/Carol
Sword: Dale/Michonne
Knife: Glenn/Penny
Your amazing intellect: Theodore/Maggie
Forget fighting! I’m running!: Philip/Amy

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to place you’d choose to hide from the walkers.

Farmhouse: Greene
Prison: Grimes
Town with giant wall around it: Blake
A big city: Walsh
RV: Horvath
Hospital: Morales
Grocery store: Welles
The CDC (on lockdown): Jenner
Mall: Jones
Underground bunker: Peletier
Island: Rhee
The woods: Dixon

Role in the group: Choose the role that corresponds to your favorite zombie movie.

Night of the Living Dead: The Leader
The Evil Dead: The Brains
Dawn of the Dead: The Voice of Reason
Resident Evil: The Muscle
28 Days Later: The Emotionally Unstable
Warm Bodies: The Heart
Shaun of the Dead: The Redshirt
Zombieland: The Comic Relief
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island: The Kid
ParaNorman: The Walker Bait
Other: The Screamer

Post by Sydney Scott AKA Sophia Welles, the heart of the group!

What's your Walking Dead name? Do you like zombie movies/shows, or do they terrify you because YOU KNOW THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS ACTUALLY A THING THAT WILL HAPPEN?

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