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10 Rejected Ideas for Teen Reality Shows

10 Rejected Ideas for Teen Reality Shows

We've been trying to pitch teen reality shows to the networks for, like, MINUTES. They've rejected everything we came up with. What do you think?

1. Taco Bell Parking Lot. Follow along on the boring adventures of a group of friends who order burritos and try not to vomit from laughing real hard at each others' farts.

2. Will This Leak In My Locker? A reality game show where unsuspecting contestants have bags of unspecified liquid thrown into their lockers. If it leaks, they lose!

3. Mr. Collins, P.E.
A camera crew captures the riveting lifestyle of Mr. Collins, the phys. ed. teacher. Watch in suspense as he puts his feet up in his office, tries to decide which jump suit to wear to work, and desperately searches for a nickname for the kid who gets sick every time he runs the mile. (SPOILER ALERT: It's "Puke Skywalker")

4. Live from the Dentist's Waiting Room. Viewers have a chance to vote for their favorite patient waiting to see the dentist. There's Kevin, the dude reading the gingivitis brochure; Angela, the girl who keeps telling her mom to shut up; and Veronica, who keeps looking for an outlet so she can charge her phone. Catch the excitement!

5. Skinny Jeans Olympics. The ultimate reality challenge in which teams of four are pitted against each other in various events where they are only allowed to wear skinny jeans. Some of the featured events include: Skinny Jeans High Dive, Skinny Jeans Mountain Biking, Skinny Jeans Twister and, a crowd favorite, Skinny Jeans Competitive Eating.

6. GOTHS. Cameras capture the drama and laughs of the goth kids' lunch table. Find out how annoying "Storm's" little sister is in the morning or what part of "Crimson's" face is getting pierced at the mall this weekend. And don't miss the season finale, where one of the kids gets fired from Hot Topic.

7. The Teacher Is Not In The Room. A hidden camera show in which teachers leave classrooms. Will the class behave? Who will stand up first and do something stupid? Prizes rewarded to viewers for correct guesses.

8. HoodieVille, U.S.A.
Take a peak inside the closet of Tyler Harrison. He has so many hoodies! He has a red one. He has a grey one. He has one with stripes. Wait…he has another one with stripes. The fun never ends! Tune in each week when Tyler will show us another hoodie and shamefully remove a snotty Kleenex from the pocket.

9. Quiz: Behind the Scantron. Each week a camera crew will go behind closed doors of a different teacher to give a glimpse at how he or she is coming up with that week's quiz. Will it be True or False? Open book? Multiple choice? These and many more pressing questions shall be answered.

10. Excuse Me! A 22-minute montage of kids burping, sponsored by Dr. Pepper.

Got any ideas of your own?

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