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Which Celeb Is Your Prom Muse?

Which Celeb Is Your Prom Muse?

Not sure what you're going to wear on prom night? Then take a cue from some of these stylish celebs to nail down your style. Plus, it's a lot of fun to take quizzes (well, on SparkLife at least)!

1. What do you think has been the best beauty trend of the past year?
A. Nail art. The cuter, the better!
B. Ombre hair
C. Orange/coral lipstick
D. Full eyebrows
E. Dip-dyed hair

2. The best way to stand out in the crowd is ________
A. with your cute and quirky personality.
B. to Wear something no one else would wear.
C. with a pop of color.
D. by being naturally yourself.
E. with true talent!

3. Which of the following is your favorite flower?

A. Daisies
B. Stargazer lilies
C. Peonies
D. Roses
E. Orchids

4. Prom is, to me, _________

A. a great chance to show off my funky dance moves.
B. is like fashion week but better.
C. a time to show off my swagger with my best friends in the world.
D. just another date night for me and my boyfriend.
E. all about getting on Prom Court.

5. At your perfect prom, what would be the best possible last song of the night?
A. "Us" by Regina Spektor
B. "Stay" by Rihanna
C. "Cowboy Cassanova" by Carrie Underwood
D. "Clair de Lune" by Claude DeBussy
E. "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake

6. Which color scheme do you like best?
A. Yellow, red, and teal
B. Baby blue, neon pink, highlighter yellow
C. Black, pink, and red
D. Red, plum, navy blue
E. Black, silver, and gold

7. What is your ultimate accessory for prom night?
A. A yellow flower in my hair
B. A purse in the shape of a puppy (or kitten)
C. A sparkly headband
D. Sunglasses
E. A gold bejeweled statement necklace

Mostly A's: Zooey Deschanel. Cute and quirky all the way! Think about embracing your folksy side with a floral print.

Mostly B's: Katy Perry. You've got daring style and why should that change on prom night? If you feel up to it, go for lots of color and don't forget to brighten up your face.

Mostly C's: Taylor Swift.
You're girly with a slight edge. You might like wearing something frilly but not too princessy. Try a red lip if you're feeling extra gutsy.

Mostly D's: Kristen Stewart. You're a little dark and pensive, but also very mature and sophisticated. You could consider wearing something modern with a gothic twist.

Mostly E's: Beyonce. Girrrrrl, you are one in a million. Maybe you'll wear something glitzy but classy, and shine like the star you are.

Who's your prom style match?

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