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SparkLife Poetry Club: Friendship

SparkLife Poetry Club: Friendship

Hello everyone! First of all, YAY POETRY!!

Second of all, yeeeaaah I didn't realize the Sparkler Post section would be clogged with awesome poems. While usually an excess of poetry is fantastic, I agree that it's overshadowing some of the regular Sparkler Posts. So I have a new wager!

1. Feel free to leave your poem in the comment section! I promise I will read all of them. If there's a way you can post a link to your poem, that would be equally amazing (and Gary would have a better chance of not eating it).

2. I will still read and accept the poems in the Sparkler Post section. If you want to go ahead and post your poems there that's fine! Just know that it's no longer the only way to submit your poems.

3. If your poem is too long, too personal, or you just really don't feel like deciding how to post it so I can see it, you can email your poems to! I'll email you to see if it's okay to publicly display your poem if I want to feature it on the weekly posts.

So now that we've got that out of the way, let's get down to writing!

This Week's Topic: Friendship

Poet of the Week: Henry David Thoreau. I know that everyone has probably read his work in English class at some point, but I really like this piece in particular! Especially the last two stanzas.

Honorable Sparkler Poems:


I tried to narrow it down to five, but there were just too many incredible poems! Thank you to everyone who contributed. :)

Now start writing about friendship! If you want to write about the special bond you and I share, that would be completely alright with me!

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