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Quiz: What Do Your Favorite Foods Say About You?

Quiz: What Do Your Favorite Foods Say About You?

Since we are what we eat, my sweet chicken winglet, what do your favorite foods reveal about you?

1. Home at last from a grueling shift aboard the good ship School. First stop:

a. An air sandwich (two slices of bread) or a bread sandwich (three slices of bread).
b. A customized blend of my favorite cereals, served out of an industrial-gauge mixing bowl.
c. Chips, popcorn, and pretzels. (That’s an “and” in there.)
d. Carrots or hummus. (That’s an “or” in there.)
e. All of the above.

2. If you had your way, dinner would always be:

a. Spaghetti served on a bed of linguine.
b. Scrambled eggs and bacon, guacamole, and a crepe. (Breakfast for dinner is the thrillingest thing to happen since breakfast for breakfast.)
c. Taco salad.
d. Taco salad? Tacos do not a salad make. Give me an s-a-l-a-d. Like, a green one.
e. Que sera, sera.

3. In a word, how would you describe your favorite outfit?

a. Bagel.
b. Hashbrowns. (ItISoneword.)
c. Teriyaki.
d. Tomato.
e. What are you even saying? I mean, I have food on my shirt…

4. Friday night out with your friends, and you’re pushing for:

a. Olive Garden. When I’m through with them, they’ll be striking “all you can eat” from their business plan.
b. IHOP.
c. Wendy King-McDonald’s.
d. Whole Foods. (Guys, the hot bar’s like a five-star restaurant!)
e. Mini golf.

5. Your condiment of choice is typically:

a. Croutons.
b. Hollandaise, or ketchup.
c. More fries.
d. Olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.
e. The microwave.


If you chose mostly a’s:
You’re an adventure-seeker, emotional, a rider of high highs and low lows. People consider you wholesome and well-meaning in spite of it all (when you’re not passed out on a carbtastic blood sugar dive, that is). Script in a vegetable, maybe?

If you chose mostly b’s:
You’re a trailblazer who goes against the grain. You’re fun, and funny, and you keep so busy that time has almost zero meaning for you. In a world full of dinner rolls, you’re a pancake. And there’s bottomless coffee served 24 hours in the diner of your heart.

If you chose mostly c’s:
You live to please your senses and to indulge whenever possible—you love to love to love. Just protect your heart: it all feels so good, but you could get hurt this way. Luckily your tears taste like salt, too. Sodium. Yum.

If you chose mostly d’s:
You’re careful, thoughtful, and a planner. You’re headed for big things and intend to live until 104 before donating your body to science. Your personal challenge is going to be to make sure you save time for fun, though, and to cut loose once in a while—plan a night out with an “e,” maybe.

If you chose mostly e’s:
You’re a mystery deep-fried in a paradox packed in a takeout box. You’re either the most laid-back, easy-going motha on the planet, or you aren’t actually eating anything at all. Or you’re eating everything you touch, including the wrapper. I can’t tell.

We're definitely C, and our tears taste DELICIOUS. What do your favorite foods say about you?

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