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Boy Bands from Best to Worst

Boy Bands from Best to Worst

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Boy bands: gotta love 'em, right? Or at least love to hate them? Or maybe you just hate them. In any case, you have to admit that some boy bands are better than others...or at least not quite as bad. Here's our list of boy bands, from best to worst.

1. One Direction. A five-person group, One Direction is unique in it's cohesiveness: rather than the stereotypical "good looking one, bad boy, fat one, shy guy, and wise elder" makeup of most boy bands, they're five voices with one heartbeat. If One Direction keeps evolving at this pace, then the one direction they're headed is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...or three of them could develop drug habits and end up on VH1's Celebrity Rehab. (It's basically the same, right?)

2. The Jonas Bros. Comprised of three actual siblings, the group rose to stardom despite being from the Shore region of New Jersey, which is more impressive than anything they've done musically. They've been scrutinized by music critics because they sound too much like bubblegum, and  shunned by Anne Hathaway because they look too much like Anne Hathaway.

3. The Wanted. Somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon, the Wanted is a five person Irish-English group that (unlike most boy bands), including members who are old enough to legally rent a car in the US. The band is managed by Scooter Braun, who also represents Justin Bieber, making him the most successful guy in the history of the world named Scooter.

4. Allstar Weekend. Allstar Weekend gained popularity as a four man group, but eventually parted ways with guitarist Nathan Darmody. The fallen weekender then pursued a career as a solo artist, playing under the name IWXO, which stands for "I'm With Love," which is such a stupid name it prompted Darmody's girlfriend to say "I'm Not With Him."

5. Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush is a boy band which spawned from a Nickelodeon show of the same name. Music critics have slammed Big Time Rush, but they maintain a strong fan following due to their appeal with kids and tweens (kind of like a musical version of Twilight).

6. Mindless Behavior. They're a four-person group with more of a Hip Hop and R&B sound than other boy bands. Even though they're only in their early teens, they're already experienced enough to produce songs like "Mrs. Right," which we think  is either about love or their Algebra 1 teacher.

7. Heart 2 Heart. An atypical five-person boy band mentored by none other than former 'N Sync member Lance Bass, they're more visually interesting than other boy bands: each of the members resembles a different period in Boy George's life. Their first song was called "Facebook Official," and most music critics agreed that it officially sucked.

8. Midnight Red. You may know them by their previous name, FLYTE. When asked about the name change, a band member said they chose "midnight" because that's the time everyone wants to sneak out and party, and "red" because its a very dominant color, a quality they want to achieve with their music. It was probably a wise move, considering most people who hear their songs already want to catch the next "flyte" out of town.

Do you agree with our list?

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