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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 7

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 7

Episode 7: Dragonshy

YAY FLUTTERSHY'S BACK! AND PINKIE PIE! Still no sign of Luna, but at least we got the best two! While this momentous occasion is something we should all celebrate, instead we have to talk about a dragon who is sleeping near Ponyville. Yawn. Because he's a snorer, smoke is billowing into the town and it's up to the ponies to make him move! Is there a nickname for the group I don't know about? Like the Mystery Gang from Scooby-Doo. I'm going to call them the Pony Posse.

The Pony Posse gets ready for their wacky adventure! They're all excited to disturb a peaceful dragon and kick him out of their country. Except Fluttershy. Not because of any political views, but because she's afraid to climb a big mountain and wake up a big dragon. Which is also pretty understandable.

For some reason, they're not allowed to fly to the top. They need to stick together or something like that. Fluttershy is the only one reluctant to climb up the mountain with the Pony Posse. She's so scared her wings won't work. So Apple Jack decides to take her around the mountain another way. Okay, that's pretty nice, so AJ gets a few extra points. Eventually they all meet up again and the PPosse moves onward! Oh, and Pinkie Pie sings another song. The old Ricki would have hated that, but the new enlightened one will allow it.

An avalanche blocks the Pony Posse from continuing up the mountain. So they have to climb over the pile of rocks. How is that any harder that trekking up a mountain? Considering I've never done either, I guess I can't really judge. FShy is still being a nervous wreck and slowing the group down. Rainbow Dash is being a little sassy-saddle (instead of sassy-pants! Get it?) and keeps complaining about Fluttershy. RDash loses points for that, and she didn't have too may to begin with!

Everypony in the Posse has a certain role for getting rid of the dragon. But Fluttershy can't do it because she's afraid of dragons. That isn't really a shock. We still don't know if this creature is like Pete's Dragon or like the Hungarian Horntail from the Goblet of Fire! It's too much for her, so FShy leaves Twilight to deal with the dragon all on her own. Apparently we're dealing with the dragon from Shrek. But this dragon doesn't like logic, charm, crazy outfits, or violent attacks. In fact, those things cause the dragon to attack the Pony Posse. Fluttershy immediately stands ups for her friends and turns into everyone's mother. She both scolds and comforts him at the same time so he flies away.

Disclaimer: While everyone here at SparkNotes agrees that Fluttershy was awesome, we remind you to never scold a giant dragon in a motherly voice. Unless you are the dragon's mother and/or have experience parenting wild creatures, then just take lots of pictures and back away.

Wow, Ponyville does not like other species! First they enslaved the cows, now they're kicking out dragons! I'm surprised they haven't discriminated against Spike yet. I would write a formal complaint to not-Queen Celestia, but she's probably laughing at the poor Princess Luna for remaining in solitary confinement.

Princes Luna: Seriously? You said you would free me and that I could rule by your side in the first episode!

Not-Queen Celestia: Yeeeaaah, but I'm too busy learning cliche morals about friendship. YOU SHALL NEVER LEAVE!! MWUA-HA-HA!

Cows: I knew we should have stayed on the island of Cowlumbia.

The main message of the story is to not lose faith in your friends. I think the real lesson here is the Fluttershy's a boss.

Are you keeping up with this season of My Little Pony?

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