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Around the World With Sparklers in a Certian Amount of Days

Hey you guys! *waves*

I have an idea, but it won't work without your contribution.

I want to get to know about your countries, states, provinces, or where ever you're from and share what makes your place so great with the others. Problem is, I don't know anything about where you all are from, and I also don't have time to Google each and every country individually.       If you do send things, you can do it in the comments section below, or if you don't feel comfortable telling people where you're from, just P.M. me what you want to share. I want to take everything you guys send in into a series of posts, to be named later.

You can share what kinds of food is the best, what great artist, poet, musician, actress or actor came from our home town, what famous place you have there and why its famous, or any other reasons why you think your place is awesome.

PLEASE. No religion or politics. I don't want this turned into Cyber World War I. This is also NOT to see who's place is better. This isn't a competition, this is just a fun way to experience other places.

I don't mean for this to be all creepy stalker, so if you think this is a bad idea let me know. If you think this is a good idea, leave a comment. Thanks

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