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19 Jobs Your Main Character SHOULDN'T Have

19 Jobs Your Main Character SHOULDN'T Have

By Scott Greenstone

The MindHut

Oh God. Another movie about a dentist.

When have you ever heard that? There aren't movies or books or TV shows about dentists. That's why, if your main character is a dentist, your book will be an instant bestseller.

We don't want to hear about more Han Solos or more Dirty Harrys. (Han Soloes? Dirty Harries?) We want fresh meat.  If your book's main character has any of these jobs, it will be bad and you should feel bad.


Cubicle worker

Mercenary or traveling badass


Santa Claus

...Or one of his relatives

Private investigator

Struggling writer

Wizard's apprentice



Bounty hunter

Last member of an ancient order/race of people with cool powers



Vampire hunter

Con man




What other jobs are you sick of seeing?

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