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How To Flirt with Geeky Guys

How To Flirt with Geeky Guys

Flirting can be so hard. So hard. Especially when you really like the person, and you can't figure out what your hands are doing, or remember the last time you checked your nose for boogers, and THEN simultaneously you have to actually worry about what you're saying and make sure it isn't complete uncool garbage. How am I supposed to control all of those functions in my tiny body, with my tiny brain?! I am not a multitasking flirt robot! One time, a friend* of mine got so overwhelmed she just walked away from the guy in the middle of her sentence.

(*Me. It was me.)

Well, it turns out that being flirted at, (or on, or to, what's the right preposition there?—WITH) being flirted with can be just as scary as doing the flirting yourself. Especially if you are a geeky guy, and a cute girl has made it clear she is doing the flirt on you.

Luckily for us girls who like the geeks, that culture is now more mainstream than ever. Most of us have read Harry Potter and feel comfortable shaming those who haven't, Game of Thrones has no problem appealing to everyone, and Thor is pretty hot as far as Norse gods go. Because if you really like a guy who's nerdy, just do the research! So he loves that show Avatar, the Last Airbender? Watch a couple eps to familiarize yourself, (and then keep watching because that show is fantastic,) and then maybe you'll actually care about it too! Or maybe not, but enough to ask him some questions about it.

Here are some specific things you can talk to him about. Depending on his and your nerd preferences.

1. Was the latest Spider Man reboot more true to the comic books than the Tobey Maguire ones? Because Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker was really different, and is it REALLY Spider Man without Mary Jane? Ask him what he thought about the latest reboot of anything. X-Men reboot, Hulk reboot, Star Trek reboot (he better think that ones amazing or you're wasting your time), etc. Chances are good he feels pretty strongly about one or all of those and might just run with it, making the conversation free flowing and never ending. In a good way.

2. So, new Star Wars huh? If they bring back Jar Jar we should start a boycott campaign. Or don't, and just go see it together regardless.

3. How didn't everyone figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Both of them disappeared for the same eight years.

4. Do you think the sex scenes in Game of Thrones are just a little bit gratuitous? (LOLOLOLOLOL, he won't.) Or, I bet you can't recite Arya Stark's prayer...

5. Dude, you have to help me. I can't get past level two on Call of Duty Black Ops. I feel like such a loser.

6. My friends and I played Risk last night for like five hours. It was CRAY. I'm so tired. What's the longest you've ever played?

Go get 'em tigers.

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