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10 Things We'll Miss About Winter

10 Things We'll Miss About Winter

Freak snow storms aside, winter is basically over. Spring is here! And even though we're psyched to go outside without 7 layers of clothing and feel some sunshine on our skin, we're starting to feel a bit nostalgic about winter. After all, it's not all bad, right? Here's what we'll miss about winter:

  1. The simplicity of getting dressed. When it's winter, you don't have to wonder what the weather outside will be, you just know it's going to be cold and bundle up accordingly. Now that spring is here, you have to wonder—is it warm enough not to wear a jacket? Pants or shorts? Light sweater? Renaissance cloak? Too many options!
  2. The sweaters. (And hats. And scarves.) Speaking of clothes, we like our comfy sweaters and knitted beanies. Even ratty hoodies look cute in the winter in that barely-trying sort of way. Now we've got to break out our dresses and put some effort into our style again.
  3. Not shaving. We know we're not the only ones who grow winter carpets on our legs. But shorts and skirts come at a cost, and that cost is shaving. Bummer.
  4. The random days off. In the winter, you can always hope for a random blizzard or two to earn you a day off of school (or at least a morning delay). Sadly, no one ever closes school for a spring drizzle.
  5. The hot drinks. When it's cold out, it feels cozy and perfect to cuddle up with a steaming mug of hot liquid-y goodness. With the weather warming up, it just feels weird, right?
  6. The air. Winter air might be cold, but at least it's usually humidity-free and pollen-free.
  7. The excuse to stay insideSometimes it's nice just to huddle under some blankets and watch re-runs all day, and it's easy to justify lazy days with cold weather. Perfect spring days, though? Not so much.
  8. The snow. Snow can be gross and cold and gray, but it can also be pretty and lots of fun to play in. Now that it's gone, we'll kind of miss it.
  9. The colors. All the bright neons and pastels of spring are fun, but they can be a bit tiring. Winter colors are nice and easy on the eyes (plus they don't wash us out so much).
  10. All the tree skeletons. Who really likes looking at all the spring foliage? Not us. Just kidding. We can't wait to see green again! Bring on the spring!

What will you miss about winter?

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