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The Six Kinds of People in Your AP Class

The Six Kinds of People in Your AP Class

Taking an AP class? We know the cast of stock characters pretty well, so take a break from studying for the dreaded exam and see how on-point we are with these.

1. The Overachiever
Okay, so this one is pretty obvious. This person checks the class rankings every semester just to make their placement has not budged from number one. Every person in the class is a threat to them, which is ridiculous because no one in the class is nearly as competitive.

2. The Person Who Is "Too Smart But Just Doesn't Try"
Oh we all know someone like this. Blah blah blah. "Sure, I made a 'C' for the first quarter, but it's only because I don't try. I'm too busy doing more intelligent stuff. If I actually tried, I'd be valedictorian, no prob."

3. The Total Slacker
This person made a mistake signing up for this class, thinking AP stood for Absolutely a Piece of Cake. They are capable of the work but are not willing to let things like hard work and studying interfere with their senior year. They'll program answers into their calculators at the last minute or they will find a way to cheat somehow. It's likely they will get caught and if they don't, it's only a matter of time until the next time. (Almost all universities have a zero tolerance policy on cheating.)

4. The Hardworker Who Still Hasn't Grasped All The Concepts In Class Yet (But Will Eventually With Some Persistence)
This person has almost broken down to tears, okay not almost. You've seen this poor soul break down on more than one occasion out of frustration. Maybe this person is you! Hang in there, because if you fit this type, then you're going to pull through this. Ask for help and don't forget to breathe.

5. The Enigma
These people only put in the minimum amount of effort and still get maximum results. They come to class and do their homework and all, but no more than any of their other classes. This stuff just comes naturally to them. They will ace the AP exam in the spring with no problem at all, but don't expect them to do some grueling coffee shop studying with you.

6. The King/Queen Of Extracurriculars
Whether your highness is the soccer team captain, the only soloist in the jazz choir, or the class president, they are never in class and it always seems to be okay with your teacher. Somehow, they're not drowning in work and their eyeballs haven't fallen out of their sockets from studying late nights to "balance it all." This is the future "I Don't Know How She Does It" person.

Were we right, or were we right? Who did we leave out?

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