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5 Nerdy Ways to Celebrate Spring

5 Nerdy Ways to Celebrate Spring

Today's the first day of spring! Celebrate in one of these 5 nerdy ways...

1. The Allegra Way
What to do:
For some of us the springtime is a death sentence. It's one long pollen-infested, lawn mowing, bee-stinging, allergy attacking death sentence. What can ya do? Some of us were built for the indoors and that's exactly where to stay. There is no shortage of video games and TV shows to keep you busy. Pop an Allegra, or a Claritin, or whatever your antihistamine of choice is and ride this thing out until the summertime when you'll be able to breathe free once again.

2. The Get-Ready-for-Summer-Blockbusters Way
What to do:
There was a time when summer blockbusters were released on the same weekend leaving teens with more dilemmas than just getting rid of zits. However, nowadays the studios are releasing blockbusters earlier and earlier in the year. Build up your anticipation through April for the first week in May when "Iron Man 3" hits screens. We're also cranking up the Nerd Waves for "The Great Gatsby," "Star Trek Into Darkness," "Man of Steel," "Monsters University," "The Wolverine," and "Kick-Ass 2."

3. The LARP Way
What to do:
The weather gets gorgeous during spring. Gorgeous enough to fish out your warrior's costume (don't forget to thank your mom for sewing it), sharpen your (pretend) sword, and charge into The Forbidden Forest of Black Magic (behind the parking lot of the 7-11). Live action role-playing is great way to exercise that imagination and take advantage of the rising temperatures. Get as much in as you can. Before you know it, it'll be summer, and you'll have to cut things short when Terence the Ogre has an asthma attack and needs to go home early.

4. The Rocket Launching Way
What to do:
For all you NASA junkies the Mars rover "Curiosity" doesn’t seem to be proving life exists on the red planet any time soon. While it's nice out, hit up a hobby or toy store and build your own small rocket to launch in the park. You'll feel like you're walking on the moon when that tiny, fire-powered tube of dreams screams it's way into the air. Play it safe with the engineering, but play it cool when the girls swoon over you as the next Neil Armstrong.

5. The deadmau5 Way
What to do
: Nerding out over music is the same as nerding out over anything else. Take, for example, Canadian producer/DJ deadmau5. The man wears an oversized mouse helmet, lit up like the Rockefeller X-mas tree, while pumping out beats to sweaty dancers in Day Glo outfits. Sounds like fun, right? Find the software that allows you to realize your dream of being a big-time music producer. When you've got the weapon, build an arsenal of songs, and show your friends that a music nerd can shine like the rest of 'em—with or without an oversized mouse helmet.

How are you going to celebrate spring?

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