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An Expert Organizer's Tips for Turning Your Catastrophically Messy Room Into a Paradise of Awesomeness!

Hi Sparklers!

Thank you so much for sharing your photos and organizational challenges with me! I created this slideshow to answer your questions and demonstrate how fun (yes, FUN) organizing can be. With a few simple steps, your desk or bedroom can become a place to showcase your personality and your interests—which means your impressive Harry Potter paraphernalia collection will finally have its rightful place in the spotlight (instead of at the bottom of your closet).

When organizing any space (be it your entire room, desk, closet, or locker), I recommend following the 6 fundamental rules below, which can transform even the messiest peron into an oranizer of epic proportions. 

1. Empty. Start by clearing everything off or out of the space you're planning to organize. This is where you might start to feel claustrophobic, but resist the urge to run. If Neville Longbottom could stand up to Lord Voldemort, you can certainly stand up to the contents of your desk.

2. Categorize. Take everything from the first step and separate it by category. Clothes together, papers together, jewelry together, etc.

3. Assess. Honestly (key word here!) examine your space. How many drawers do you have? How big is your closet? How much space do you have for your stuff?

4. Purge. Go through each category and sort things into “keep," “donate,” or “trash/recycle” piles.

5. Home. Give every item a home. Your Hunger Games series should live on the bookshelf and only the bookshelf. It should not migrate to the floor, your closet, or the black hole behind your door.

6. Likes-with-likes. Keep all your jewelry together, sports equipment together, Doctor Who collections together, etc. This will save you time and energy, allowing you to hit the snooze button at least two more times in the morning.

Now, with those steps in mind, let's get organized!

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