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St. Patrick's Day Quiz: Are You Lucky?

St. Patrick's Day Quiz: Are You Lucky?

The phrase "luck of the Irish" was originally used in the USA as a pejorative way of explaining away any success achieved by new Irish immigrants. On St. Patrick’s Day we (responsibly) celebrate how far the Irish have come since then. Take this brief quiz to find out if you’re one of the lucky ones.

1) The most money I’ve ever found on the ground was…

A)   I’ve lost so much money on the ground

B)   None

C)   $5-$20

D)   $50+

2) I win coin flips…

A)   Never

B)   The statistical average amount of times

C)   Because I rig them

D)   Always

3) I’m thankful to have been born…

A) I am?

B) At all

C) Handsome and/or rich

D) A winner

4) If I’m in a class and I’m unprepared the teacher will…

A) Call on me immediately. I’ll then fail to answer the question and my pants will fall off.

B) Call on me and I’ll have to make up an answer.

C) Call on me but then change their mind when I give them a look.

D) Call on everyone surrounding me.

Compare the letters you answered most with the Irish luck symbols below.

You are…

A) Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong it will. You are one of the least lucky people on the planet. Every morning you kick a hole through your shoes as you put them on, you pour your breakfast cereal down your shirt, and your bus is so late that it’s time to go home as soon as it arrives. It’s best to spend your days sitting in your room wearing gloves and with pads over all the sharp objects. I’d tell you good luck but it’s pretty clear it’s too late for that.

B) Ireland’s Economy: You’re unlucky. You’ve made a lot of bets that didn’t quite pay off but there was a brief time where everyone thought you were a genius.  Maybe things will turn around for you, just put the dice away and stay on the straight and narrow for awhile. And do try your best to be polite to the obnoxious American tourists.

C) A Kennedy: You’re pretty lucky. You might not quite be Kennedy lucky, with wealth, power, and good looks, but things have a way of working out for you. People may be jealous of you for one reason or another but pay them no mind. You are a walking human four-leaf clover; God went the extra mile when he created you. Just keep on keeping on and try to minimize the amount of scandals you have to get bailed out of.

D) The proud owner of a Leprechaun’s pot of gold: Congratulations you lucky jerk. If it’s better to be lucky than good you are the best person on the planet. In the time it’s taken you to complete this quiz you’ve probably received 3 emails and five text messages offering you life opportunities everyone else could only dream of.  People aren’t even jealous of you; they accept your luck is so powerful that it’s a force of nature. Your luck is the equivalent of a volcanic eruption, the rest of us can only stand in awe and hope it doesn’t bury us.

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