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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 6

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 6

Episode 6: Boast Busters

For some reason, I'd never really noticed before that Twilight's horn is magical. I mean, I've obviously seen her use it, but I just assumed unicorns needed horn power to compensate for their lack of hands and fingers. Apparently all unicorns have magic based on their "special talent." But Twilight here is the Hermione Granger of Equestria. I bet you two dozen cookies that there's some cross fan-fic about that.

Pegasisters and bronies, after 5 episodes, we finally have male ponies! Why do they look weird? It's like they were originally trolls, but then the creator decided to give them horse bodies. They're here to remind us males are dumb (FEMINISM FTW!!) and there's some unicorn that's the best or whatever. This unicorn is called "The Great and Powerful Trixie," and refers to herself in the third person. At this point it doesn't matter what her powers are; if anyone refers to herself in the third person, she's automatically a jerk.

Spike is trying to defend Twilight by saying she's better than Trixie, but Twilight doesn't want people to think she's boasting. She tries to keep her magic on the DL. So Trixie challenges the ponies one by one to prove she's better. Applejack and Rainbow Dash both do amazing tricks, but she makes them both trip with her powers so she wins? I don't get it. I thought the whole point of the challenge was to actually do the trick, not just spin people into a state of dizziness.

Rarity is bumped up on my list of favorite ponies with this line. She creates a gorgeous outfit made out of only a curtain and does the quickest costume change I've ever seen! But Trixie turns Rarity's hair green... sooo she wins? What are the rules to this game?! Trixie has "proven" herself to be the best, so that's good enough. Spike is still upset that Twilight won't show up Trixie. But she thinks if she proves she's better, her friends will think she's showing off. I think as long as Twilight doesn't refer to herself in the third person, she should be okay.

There's also this talk of Trixie defeating an "ursa majo,r" which I thought was a constellation, but apparently it's a real bear. Unless she actually defeated the stars. Then that would be pretty cool. Spike won't believe it until he sees it, so the two troll-ponies look for one to fight Trixie. They find one coincidentally in a cave nearby. Apparently, an ursa major is a bear made out the night sky. That doesn't seem all that threatening, but it has pointy teeth, so it's scary. And even though it's made out of air, it still has the ability to crush objects.

So it turns out Trixie was exaggerating her skills, and now there's a giant sky bear attacking the town. Where is Fluttershy? She's great with animals, so she should be able to take care of this! I haven't seen her at all in this episode! Come to think of it, I haven't seen Pinkie Pie either. AND WHERE IS PRINCESS LUNA?! She's probably back in the moon, looking down on Ponyville, saying to herself, "If my sister freed me, I could've helped them stop that night bear." Between going back on her promise and enslaving cows, not-Queen Celestia isn't looking so good.

Twilight gets rid of the ursa major by playing music, giving it a bottle of milk, and floating the bear back to its cave. Again, Fluttershy could have easily had this covered. Pinkie Pie could have provided the music. And Princess Luna would have her magic night powers to send the star bear back. But Twilight made it happen, so I guess it's okay. She thinks her friends are mad at her for using her powers, but they reassure her that they love her magic! Twilight has awesome powers and she doesn't talk in the third person, so there's no reason to hate.

Before she sent it away, Twilight was reading about the creature. It turns out it was a baby—an ursa minor. And it was cranky because two male ponies woke it up. Stupid males! FEMINISM!! This is an ursa major. The thing she's holding is the other bear. Keep in mind that the bottle the baby bear is drinking out of used to hold the entire town's water supply. Trixie runs away and the two dumb stupid males get mustaches as a punishment. Kind of a weird conclusion, but I'll let it slide since I love mustaches.

Twilight writes to not-Queen Celestia that you should always be proud of who you are but still remain humble. The real moral of the story: never refer to yourself in the third-person. And males are dumb.

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