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25 Terrible Things About Lockers

25 Terrible Things About Lockers

Lockers are icons of the high school experience. Typically they're very useful for storing things...unfortunately, that’s about it. I was never a locker fan for many reasons, mostly because I was pretty lazy and disorganized, so walking extra distances to visit a paper vortex was not the top of my “fun things to do” list. But besides my laziness, there are lots of other things wrong with lockers:

1. They smell weird.
2. They're filled with random pits of food from past semesters.
3. You always get stuck with the locker next to the trash can.
4. Cleaning them out at the end of the year is a pain.
5. There's never enough space for your tennis racket.
6. You're always losing homework in the piles of loose leaf and broken binders.
7. Opening the lock is basically impossible.
8. If you manage to get it open, you definitely can't close it.
9. What are those weird rust spots from?
10. The hooks break off and leave jagged locker shanks.
11. They only have one shelf, and it's not good for storage.
12. When people get theirs decorated for their birthday and you’re a summer baby, you're left sad, jealous, and alone.
13. When the janitor is cleaning the hallway, you can’t even get to your locker but you REALLY need to.
14. Not being able to visit your locker means you have to carry all your textbooks at the same time.
15. You have a 50% chance of getting the bottom locker.
16. If you’re short, you'll always end up getting the top locker.
17. If you forget to visit your locker, you don't have any of your things for class.
18. Gym lockers.
19. Things like lacrosse sticks get stuck in lockers (they go in so easily and never come out).
20. Other people spray their lockers with perfume to counteract the weird smells, and you have to breathe the poisonous fumes.
21. You always get a locker on the opposite end of the school from your friends’ lockers.
22. Trying to decorate the inside with cute photos and magnets usually ends in pathetic failure.
23. The vents are always dented, so no one can even slip notes into your locker.
24. If you need to visit your locker between classes, you're basically guaranteed to be in trouble for tardiness.
25. The paint chips off to reveal a weird 70’s mustard shade.

Do you hate lockers?

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