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The Very Best of Pi Day

The Very Best of Pi Day

By Janet Manley

Attention! Today is Pi Day and we are duly hoisting the nerd flag here at SparkLife in celebration! This is like HOMECOMING for us, you have to understand. We have been practicing our memorization of π for weeks, but typically only make it to six digits before getting hungry. This going to be the best 3/14 EVA, so let's get to the best of Pi:

Best rally cry: 3.14159265359 reasons to celebrate!

Best whine: Who do you have to know to get some [22 cubits/7 cubits] around here?

Best excuse to get close to someone: I think you have some π on your face.

Best yearbook quote: Don't hate me because I'm irrational.

Best movie: Get Him to the Greek Alphabet

Best love poem for the U.S. and Australia, or Japan and Germany, or Russia and Micronesia: I love you around the world and back, but I'm OVER the distance between us.

Best terrible joke: What does the πrate king yell while sailing across the C? Two loud Rs!

Best mathematical update of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus: π-tus Archimedes

Best song: "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar π, Honey Bunch)"

Best song lyric for people with AM radio: "Hold Me Closer π-ny Dancer"

Best Facebook status: TGIπ (Thank God it's Pi Day)

Best breakup: π-ley and Liam

Best documentary about a pi-calculator: The Endless Sum-mer

Best pickup line: You square my circle.

Second best pickup line: My Ludolph for you is constant.

Third best pickup line: What's a Pi like you doing in a bar chart like this?

Until Pi Approximation Day, Sparklers!

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