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Start Organizing for Prom with Our To-Do List

Start Organizing for Prom with Our To-Do List

Do prom like you do your homework assignments—with ultimate care and preparation, you nerd. We’ve got you covered with a checklist to complete in advance (like, NOW).

Book your appointments. Treating yourself to a snazzy updo? Need to get your nails did since you never quite mastered the art of cutting your own cuticles? Got huge brows in need of some major magic? If so, call the local salon and get your name in the books. Since local businesses will surely book up on prom night, calling sooner rather than later is a good idea.

Start looking for the dress. If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect dress, start looking online and see what you can find. The weekends fill up fast with soccer games, homework, and friend stuff, so put some dates on the calendar to go shopping—and know that it may take more than one trip to the mall to find a dress you can stand. Aim to pick out your dress a month in advance, so that if you need to get some alterations, you have plenty of time. Plus, if you find out anyone else has the same dress, you can try and sort that shiz out before the big day.

But remember it’s not just about the dress. Think of your gown as a blank slate, and have fun decorating it with shoes, a purse, earrings, a necklace, and all that other jazz. To cut down on the costs and be more unique, pay a visit to your grandma and see if she has some sweet pearls you can rock, or a vintage bag she’d let you borrow.

Start an email chain. CC all the peeps in your prom group so you can talk logistics, like where you are going bowling after the dance, and how much each couple will need to chip in for the limo or horse-drawn carriage you might be renting. On this chain, you can definitely….

Pick a place to meet. Your parents will want to photograph you before they let you go have fun, so talk to your group and figure out where you’ll be meeting for the photo shoot.

Make prom playlists. Whether it's in the car en route or afterwards in your friend's basement, you'll want to listen to your favorite tunes. Maybe you even have influence on the songs played at prom, by virtue of being on student council. Start making a list and run it up to the class president ASAP!

Put a reminder in your phone to order the boutonniere. While this detail may seem stupid because it has little to do with you, make sure you order this for your date, or you will look like a big butthole.

What's on your checklist? Share with us below!

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