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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 5

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 5

Something has happened. I don't know at exactly what point this change occurred, but it did. In my earlier posts, I mentioned that Pinkie Pie was a spaz who randomly broke into song. For a while, I found this trait annoying. But after watching this episode...I like Pinkie Pie. In fact, she is now in my top three favorite ponies! My cold, frozen heart slowly started to melt throughout the episode. So this week, instead of a straight recap, I'm going to dissect my transition from disliking to loving her. I hope that's okay with you, since Pinkie Pie is all anyone really cares about in the Brony community.

Episode 5: Griffon the Brush-off

At the beginning of this episode, Pinkie Pie still is being her normal, kooky self. She starts yapping to Twilight about random nonsense and then moves onto Rainbow Dash. R-Dash is not having it, and tries to fly away to avoid her. At this point, I start to feel for Pinkie Pie a little bit. Yeah, so she may be kind of annoying, but that's no reason to run away and avoid her! It's rude and insensitive! It reminds me of when kids would run away from me on the playground... *sniffle*

Ahem, excuse me. So anyway, she finally convinces Rainbow to help her pull a little prank on Spike. My red disapproving flag starts to rise, because sometimes pranks can be mean. But then she says it's all in good fun and shows some genuine concern for Spike's wellbeing when he hiccups fire. I guess as long as it was friendly, then it's okay. The other little pranks she pulls on her friends were all harmless, so she gets a point this round.

They're about to do another prank until Pinkie Pie realizes their victim is Fluttershy. She won't prank F-Shy because she knows how sensitive she is. MAJOR points for that! Pinkie Pie likes to have fun but knows her limits! At this point, Pinkie Pie has transitioned from "obnoxious" to "tolerable." She also gets extra points when she shows up in this outfit.

Rainbow Dash's old friend Gilda comes and visits her. She's a griffon, but she reminds me of all those "cool skater girls" in cartoon shows that always end up being a bad influence. I swear I've heard that voice before in another cartoon talking about "being radical" and "five finger discounts." So far she's filling the bad girl role swimmingly by excluding Pinkie Pie and wanting R-Dash to herself. While it's understandable to want to catch up with your old friend, she's laying on the jealousy pretty thick.

Pinkie Pie goes to Twilight for help. She says, "I never met a griffon this mean. Well, actually, I've never met a griffon at all. But I bet if I had, she wouldn't be as mean and grumpy as Gilda!" Points for Pinkie Pie for not being racist! Good on her for understanding that one doesn't define a whole! Twilight thinks it's Pinkie Pie who's jealous and exaggerating. I've been there before—when people don't believe you it's pretty annoying. I'll give her a few points out of sympathy.

Even though she's obviously the victim, Pinkie Pie gives Gilda another chance. More points for her. She has now upgraded to "likable" status. But it becomes pretty clear that Gilda is a jerk. She scared an old lady, stole an apple, and was rude for no reason towards Fluttershy. Upsetting Fluttershy is crossing the line for Pinkie! Standing up for a sensitive friend? Yeah, she gets big points for that. Now she's "amusing."

She decides to get her revenge by throwing a party. I know what's going on here, I've seen Mean Girls. She welcomes Gilda with open arms and a shock from a  joy buzzer. Gilda is suspicious of Pinkie Pie's cheery behavior, and so am I! Things start going wrong when Gilda gets hit with prank after prank. First there's pepper in some cookies, then holes in a water glass, a spitting snakes can, and trick candles. Gilda freaks out because of all the pranks and frankly I would too. This seems pretty mean for Pinkie Pie!

Buuut it turns out Rainbow Dash did all the pranks. Pinkie Pie was innocent. ...Mean Girls lied to me.

Apparently Pinkie Pie threw Gilda a party out of kindness! She just wanted Gilda to be happy and get to know her better. There's a message of "friends > being cool" in there somewhere, but I'm too confused with Pinkie Pie to pay attention. I know she's always happy and nice, but why did she go through all that trouble just to cheer up this one rude griffon? I guess she possesses the innocence and kindness that we lose as we got older. Her energy seems obnoxious to those who can't obtain that amount of goodness because that's all Pinkie Pie has to offer...


Is that why I didn't like her at first?! Because I was so cynical that her happiness confounded me?! And because of her naivety, she's perceived as dumb and is ignored... just like me in my childhood. OHMYGAH PINKIE PIE IS ME AS A KID!!! I feel like I just got visited by the Ghost of Innocence Past.

Okay, because of this epiphany, Pinke Pie wins all the points and is now promoted to "lovable!" I finally understand life.

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