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The Cutest Physically Challenged Pets of the Year

The Cutest Physically Challenged Pets of the Year

It may be the year of the snake, but in the world of the Internet (which, let’s face it, trumps anything these days) it's the year of the special needs animal. Indeed, it seems wheelchair bound piggy Chris P. Bacon has lead his differently abled peers into the spotlight. We may be only three months into the year, but here are some of our fluffy and physically challenged favorites so far.

Oscar the dog

This three-legged pooch became a star in New Zealand after he was caught stealing pet food from a local supermarket several times the same day. Apparently Oscar had run away from home while his owner was on vacation so he was taken to a local pound. But don’t lose sleep wondering if Oscar’s original parents ever showed up, as the supermarket owner says there are plenty of people lining up to give the dog home.

Caffrey the cat

Here’s an update to the age-old “are cats better than dogs?” argument: Are two-legged cats better than three-legged dogs? Fans of Caffrey, the 13-year-old Persian, seem to think so. The cat lost his left back leg after being hit by a car ten years ago and only recently had to have his left front leg amputated after his vet found a malignant cancer tumor there. Check out the video and see why having two legs is just as good as having four, as far as Caffrey is concerned.

Heidi the rabbit
Over the winter holidays Heidi’s owner noticed that her beloved bunny was struggling to walk. Turns out the giant continental rabbit was suffering from arthritis in her hips and knees and spondylosis in her neck. But thanks to her vet’s recommendation, Heidi is doing better now thanks swimming sessions in a hydrotherapy pool. Take a look at that little lifejacket and tell us your cold heart isn’t exploding? (We didn’t hear anything, so obviously it is.)

This goldfish

We’re not sure as to what prompted this goldfish’s injuries, but we do know that its owner must love it very much to outfit it with a custom wheelchair instead of just flushing it down the toilet. Look at real-life Nemo go!

And this pug

Okay, so it's not handicapped, just chubby. But we had to share this adorable video of the pug hopping up the stairs like a little bunny rabbit. That has to burn plenty of pug calories, so good for him (or her).

How many times did you saw "Awwwwwww," while reading this?

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