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Quiz: How Old Is Your Soul?

Quiz: How Old Is Your Soul?

Are you an old soul and wise beyond your years, or are you forever young? Find out with our age-defying and revealing questionnaire.

1. Your biggest gripe about school is...
A. "Whatever happened to recess?"
B. "Weekend homework is the WORST!"
C. "Teachers need to be paid more!"
D. "Too much sass mouth. Not enough paddling."

2. Your thoughts on this year's prom:
A. "Ew! Gross!"
B. "It's going to be a blast! I'm going with all my best friends!"
C. "Lots of sweat, hormones, and terrible music. Are you kidding me? No thank you."
D. "Must it be at night? Yeesh!"

3. It's Sunday night. Where are you?
A. Playing video games with my siblings!
B. Crunch timing on that weekend homework I mentioned in Number 1.
C. Watching 60 Minutes or reading a non-fiction book.
D. Sipping on chamomile tea and putting the finishing touches on the Sunday Crossword.

4. You have complete control over the remote control. What do you put on?
A. Cartoons galore! Love 'em!
B. Some weird TLC reality show about a family who eats each other's toenails. I can't look away!
C. A forensic detective show or the news.
D. Try to turn the TV off, but can't figure out how.

5. It's Saturday morning! What's for breakfast?
A. Cap'n Crunch!
B. No clue. It's the weekend, so I slept in. Duh.
C. I made the whole family blueberry buckwheat pancakes with a side of French-pressed coffee.
D. Bran muffin and a glass of fiber water.

6. How would your best friend most likely describe you?
A. Loves to play around...doesn't like to sit still.
B. A great friend who has fun with me no matter what we do.
C. Very loyal...always there for me!
D. Always cold and cranky.

7. Who do you feel closest to?
A. Your pets.
B. Your friends.
C. Your parents or grandparents.
D. Ghosts and the nurses.

8. You have a huge crush on someone. How do you tell them?
A. You point at him/her and laugh for no reason.
B. You ask your friend to tell him/her.
C. Via online dating site.
D. You write a deeply romantic hand-written letter expressing how you truly feel and have felt for a long time.

9. Which celebrities do you most identify with?
A. Fred Figglehorn, Willow Smith, Sophia Grace and Rosie
B. Emma Stone, Gabby Douglas, Lizzie Bennet
C. Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfey, Steve Carell
D. Betty White, Clint Eastwood, Big Band musicians

Mostly A's: Your soul is just a kid—comfortable, spirited, and always lively. You love having fun, and it doesn't take much for you to have a good time. You love the familiar and see no rush to grow up. Keep doing what you love, but remember that change isn't always the worst thing EVAAAR. (A world without cereal is!)

Mostly B's: Your soul is between the ages of 15 and 25. You enjoy things in the moment. You like the opportunities brought with age and have a great time soaking in all the fun with your friends. You remember to be mature in challenging situations and keep on rolling with the punches.

Mostly C's: Your soul is old—between the ages of 40 and 90. Even if you're still in high school, you act like a world-weary adult. You are responsible, smart, and level-headed beyond your years. You see the big picture and your peers recognize it. If your friends need someone for advice, tough love, or shoulders to lean on, then you're the go-to. Don't forget to let loose sometimes, though, or you might miss out on something really fun.

Mostly D's: Your soul is ancient—older than 95. Your soul is so old, it probably knew Abe Lincoln and pterodactyls! Instead of being helpful, you're kind of mean and crotchety. You think your peers are ruining the entire world and everything is too loud! You hate speed and weather. And no one understands your references when making jokes. You also have odd tastes in music, clothes, and hairstyles.

Is your soul old or young?

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