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First Kiss Stories: Maybe Someday

First Kiss Stories: Maybe Someday

He took her hand and they walked outside into the warm summer night. The last few people were slowly fading back to their cars. The boy and the girl walked down the patio to a small bench. When you sit in it you are blocked from sight and yet have a gorgeous view of the valley. He had just finished a show that evening and she had come to see him with another friend. She was kind of over him after they’d been “dating” for 48 hours, yet he still cared for her.

“Sooo…” she sighed and played with his fingers. Get what I want and get out, she thought.

“I’m really glad you came tonight.” She smiled. His smile was sweet but there was nothing there. Even though she was only 13, she has gone through nine boys including one that got pretty serious, and kissed over 12 times. He had never been kissed. “I was thinking, maybe sometime this summer we could head down and see a movie and then go to the beach or something.” She looked at him and then down to his lips.

“You talk too much.” She kissed him. Her eyes closed as he cupped his hand behind her head gingerly. He thought this was heaven. She felt nothing. When they pulled away she slowly started to retreat.

“So… I’ve been thinking…”


“Maybe it’s time for us… to go our separate ways.” His heart fell.


“It’s been fun but I don’t think you’re the right guy for me.”

“Oh. Um okay.” He looked down at his hands as she got up, arranged her skirt, and walked back down the spiral stairs to the lobby. He sat for a minute and stared over the view. It’s time for my entrance. After I saw her walk down without him I got worried. I walked up the stairs and saw him there. His head was in his hands and he leaned over like he was in pain. I walked up to the bench and sat down.

“Didn’t go to well?”

“Not really. She never really liked me at all.”

“I’m so sorry.” He looked up at me.

“Oh don’t worry it’s not your fault.” I saw a smidge of pink at the edge of his lips and knew exactly what had happened.

“She kissed you didn’t she?” There was silence for a minute.

“Yeah.” I reached over and squeezed his hand. He was like a brother to me. Sure I always wished it was something more but he never saw me like that, or at least I think he didn’t. He smiled.

“There will always be other fish in the see. Now you have experience. First girlfriend, first kiss. Why you’re already a man!” He laughed and hugged me. This was nice. We sat like that for a few minutes, just him and me and the sunset. It was amazing.

“We should probably head back," he said after a few minutes.

“Yeah,” he got up and pulled me to my feet, “shall we?” We walked along arm and arm. Maybe someday that arm would be around my waist and he would take me up to the Bench. Maybe someday he would kiss me and have feelings for me. I wouldn’t dump him and we would be cute together. And somebody would love me. As we reached the top of the stairs I stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I looked at him. His eyes were clear and his hands were strong and gentle. His lips looked soft and tender and I wanted my first kiss, too.

“I just…” I am ready for this, you can do this, you can do this, I said to myself. “I wanted to get this off your face before we went back down there.” I wiped the lipstick from his lip with my sleeve. He smiled and we walked back down together.

Maybe someday…

By Lauren

Topics: Life
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