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Signs You're Too Comfortable in Your Relationship

Signs You're Too Comfortable in Your Relationship

While being single often means getting to wear sweatpants and eat ice cream, turns out being a relationship often means that as well. There is something to be said about the comfort of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. No need to go through ridiculous mating rituals like applying make up, donning high heels, or eating dainty things like salad. Instead, you can apply zit cream, don plenty of yoga pants, and eat as many bread sticks as you darn well please, thank you.

Still, there is a point where you can get too comfortable. Here are some signs you're there... and that you should scale the comfort back a bit.

  • You don't care about fresh breath. In fact, you and your SO have taken to competing to see who can have the worst breath.
  • Your friends will not hang out with you two because you're "too gross." Not gross like mushy, but gross like ... gassy.
  • The two of you have morphed into one weird person: same hair cut, same classes, same sneakers. By this time next year, you'll be wearing matching sweat suits at Disney World.
  • For Valentine's Day this year, you popped each other's back zits.
  • You don't mind when your SO checks out other people, because you genuinely feel like you're the only person capable of loving him or her, aside from his/her parents.
  • You agree with your SO's mother: his / her room is a pigsty, and he / she really shouldn't use that tone of voice.
  • When your friend mentions she thinks your SO's brother is cute, you have a visceral reaction, like when someone says your own brother is cute.
  • You purchased some new underwear and socks for your SO, and not in a cute way. In a "all of yours have holes so your mom asked me to stock up" way.
  • All of this is true and none of this bothers you, because your hunny bunny froo froo lambykins is all yours, and you love it that way.

Are you (or your friends!) guilty of any of the above? What are some signs you're getting too comfortable?

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