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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Spring Break At Home

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Spring Break At Home

So what if you aren’t going to Mexico this year? Sometimes, warm destinations are not all they're cracked up to be. Remember last year, when you got your hair braided and as a result, your scalp burned and and started to peel? See, spring break is so overrated! You can have a good time at home by having a little extra fun, getting your life a bit more organized, and catching up on all those TV shows you’ve added to your Netflix queue ( don't you want to watch "Girls" so you can get in on all of those Lena Dunham jokes?). Here are five ways to enjoy your staycation.

1. Get ahead of the game with spring cleaning. Since you have a week to yourself, dedicate sometimes to getting your life together. Collect and launder all the sweaty clothes hidden behind your dresser, and the dirty socks scattered across your floor. While you're at it, go through your closet and see if there’s anything that’s worth donating. Make a bag and take it to a Salvation Army or thrift store. Then, spend the rest of the day exploring—that’s another fun way to shoot the day in the butt!

2. Get in some extra face time. Have you been so busy with school, college apps, and throwing up every time you think about prom that you’ve neglected a few of your friendships? If so, use this time to make up for lost time. Set up some friend dates. Get coffee with your cousin and catch up on her life. Meet a few of your besties from grade school at the movies one afternoon. Or treat yourself to some mani-pedis—it’s the kind of fun thing you’d do if you were on vacation, right?

3. Read your face off. The days may be long, but you can make them better if you cozy up to a book. Been meaning to pound through some serious literature? This is the time to slip your nose in between the pages of a book for long stretches at a time. You can read in bed, on the toilet (we don't judge), or you can take your book to a park or coffee shop to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery. Check those books you’ve been wanting to read off your list and you’ll feel accomplished.

4. Go on a vacation—in your basement. Really desperate to feel like you left your boring little suburb? Invite the girls over for a tropical-themed sleepover. Serve bright mocktinis and pineapples, and do something weird with Spam. Hit up the dollar store for cheap thrills such as Hawaiian leis, coconut boobs, and grass skirts. Transform your basement into an island oasis and keep warm with the fun of your friends. You can watch movies, make up dances to One Direction songs, prank call guys, and do other generally grownup things. Even if it sounds a little cheesey, it's fun to do this stuff while you still can.

5. Play chef. Want to impress your mom and dad one night? Search online for a recipe that is simple but delicious, and secretly cook up a dinner for them while they're at work. Not only will this gesture warm their hearts and fill their stomachs, but they may even think you are responsible and can be trusted to use the stove unattended. if you want to bond with your ma or pop, ask for a helping hand and make it a thing where you get closer and act like friends.

How else can you make the most of your time over spring break? if you're spending at home, what do you plan on doing? We want to know!

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