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Quiz: Which College-Educated Celeb Are You?

Quiz: Which College-Educated Celeb Are You?

We all know that many mega-famous celebrities didn’t earn their success with college degrees and internships. But while some celebs lack the book smarts to pass even an exam entitled What's Your Favorite Color, there are a few celebs that have the academic credits to back up their screen credits. See which college educated celeb you by answering the questions below.

1. Of following, which college major interests you the most?
A) Kinesiology – The study of muscle movement and anatomy. (I like the way your body moves!)
B) Geography – (I like to know where I am at all times)
C) Psychology – (I like to pry into the minds of others)
D) Mass Communications – (I talk a lot)
E) Sports Broadcasting – (Eh…guess I’ll go to college. Beats hanging out with my parents.)

2. Which of these schools sound the most appealing to you?
A) Texas A&M.
B) University of North Carolina.
C) Harvard.
D) Northeastern State College.
E) University of Southern California.

3. It’s time to branch out on campus and join an on campus organization or group. Which of these do you sign up for?
A) Culinary Arts group.
B) Intramural Basketball.
C) Microbiology club.
D) Glee club
E) Improv comedy group.

4. Which of these phrases would your roommates use to describe you?
A) Best Looking.
B) Most Athletic.
C) Most Likely to Be a Genius.
D)Most Popular.
E) Most Unlikely to Succeed.

5. It’s Saturday night. What are you doing?
A) Watching old episodes of Desperate Housewives.
B) Going to the football game.
C) Reading a book that’s not in English while discussing how Star Wars relates to society.
D)Attending a Bible study group..
E) Attending a standup comedy show.

6. Why should you be given a scholarship?
A) Rewarded for making the best All-American apple pie recipe.
B) Rewarded for being freakishly amazing at basketball.
C) Rewarded for being multilingual and crazy-smart.
D) Rewarded for being the Queen/King of Pageantry.
E) Rewarded for being apart of the 10% of the world who are left-handed.

If you answered mostly A’s: You’re the lovely Eva Longoria! You have the perfect balance of beauty, culinary skills, and body therapy know-how. You’re only going to college because you want something to fall back on if your acting career doesn’t take off. That’s a smart move, but you already know that...because you're smart.

If you answered mostly B’s: You’re basketball legend Michael Jordan! You love sports and geography! Those two areas of expertise will meld well together when you’re globetrotting around the world as part of a pro team. Plus, you can impress your teammates by naming all the capitals in Europe.

If you answered mostly C’s: You’re the brilliant, talented, and nerdy Natalie Portman! You love to study the mind. Besides the fact that you attended one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and wrote a few published science journals, you’re also fluent in Hebrew and can cry on command. And you know Yoda, kind of! This answer seems very specific, but don’t you dare doubt the science of our personality tests!

If you answered mostly D’s: You’re the incomparable Carrie Underwood! You have a sweet, down to earth personality that will get you far in life without even trying. You have no worries that you chose a generic major with limited job potential, because you have the voice of heaven’s trumpets and a righteous smile that sets you apart from the rest. Not to mention those communications skills will also come in handy when you’ll need to convince a nation that you deserve to be it’s reigning country star.

If you answered mostly E’s: You’re the hysterical Will Ferrell! You will choose a completely arbitrary major, and coast along with the wind of life…until you discover comedy! The somewhat boring and aimless academic life allows you to enter the world of improv comedy and sketch writing, and from there…you’re just a few years away from having your own catchphrase and mansion!

Which college-educated celeb are you?

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