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Quiz: What Country Are You?

Quiz: What Country Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which nation is most like you!

1) In my group of friends I’m…

A) The leader

B) The weird one

C) The funny one

D) What are friends?

E) None of the above

2) I’m most thankful for…

A) Freedom

B) Adult diapers

C) Morning tea

D) The divine truth in the religion I invented

E) Nothing

3) Dating is hard because…

A) People want to cage this free bird

B) Everyone I’m interested in his boring grandkids

C) Nobody understands me (I have a thick accent…)

D) Bad things happen to people who disagree with me

E) I don’t own any possessions

4) If I get into a fight I…

A) Always win. Except for that one time I don’t talk about

B) Take it easy for the next 70 years

C) Find someone else to beat the bad guy up on my behalf

D) Probably started it

E) None of the above

5) In my dreams I’m…

A) Still me

B) A giant mech pilot

C) Still relevant

D) Ruining other people’s dreams

E) Eating a hot meal

Check your answers and match the letter you selected most with the countries below.

Mostly As? YOU are The United States:

236 years ago George Washington invented freedom in a laboratory before high fiving Jesus and giving Hitler the Stone Cold Stunner. You are the embodiment of large and in charge. All the cool kids follow you and all the losers try to act tough by hating when you’re not around. Just get regular check ups to avoid a catastrophic bankruptcy caused by any medical events because, let’s be honest, you don’t have healthcare. Like freedom, it isn’t free.

Mostly Bs? You are Japan:

You’re an old soul with an aging population and a few extremely weird tastes. Most people are nice to you, except for North Korea because you did some pretty mean things to him that you continue to officially deny. A lot of people might pressure you to work out a long-term financial plan, but stay true to your dreams. Those cartoon drawings will pay off eventually.

Mostly Cs? You are The United Kingdom:

It’s hard for someone to admit their best days are behind them, so that’s why you don’t. People like you for your sense of humor but everyone rolls their eyes when you pretend you’re on equal terms with America after you go do his laundry and take his dog to the vet for him. Don’t get mad when people tell you to get a job, they don’t understand how hard it is when your government pursues ill-advised austerity in a downturn and pushes you into a triple dip recession.

Mostly Ds? You are…North Korea:

Well at least people leave you alone, because they are absolutely terrified of you. You are a psycho with a short fuse. The kid who got bullied one too many times and now shoots off bottle rockets (“satellites”) and pulls fire alarms during lunch breaks. You should think about counseling. We know you’re angry and you hate America but look at how well your sister South Korea is doing. Maybe you could use your love of rockets and explosions to study aeronautical engineering? Yeah, or you could study nuclear physics, that’s a great idea! Oh uh…we’re just gonna watch you while you study…okay?

Mostly Es? You are Somalia:

You didn’t really fit with any of the answers in this country quiz, but that worked out since you aren’t really a country in any true sense of the word. You have no laws or government or borders and you sold your monopoly on force to make rent payments a long time ago. You do what you want, when you want. Your life is chaotic, random, and probably short, but even America is jealous of your freedom.

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