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Justice is a Dish Best Served by Batman

Justice is a Dish Best Served by Batman


And now, in news so awesome we keep double-checking that we didn't make it up: Late last month, a thief in West Yorkshire, Britain, was delivered to the police by a man "dressed in a full Batman outfit." This unknown friend to justice handed over the wanted criminal, uttered the words "I've caught this one for you," and then slipped away into the darkness, never to be seen again.

Among the many questions raised by this article:

1. Who is this masked man?
2. Was he already wearing the Batman costume when he apprehended the dastardly thief?
3. Is it more or less embarrassing for a criminal to be turned in by Batman?
4. Is Batman looking for a sidekick? (We're asking for a friend.)

The owner of local "fancy dress store" The Joke Shop reported having sold a Batman costume to an unknown man in the days before the event, but she's not naming any names. (Suggestions that this exciting happening was planned ahead of time by the thief and the man known only as Batman will not be accepted. Stop being a total Penguin.)

In other, unrelated news, West Yorkshire billionaire and playboy Brice Wayans threw a lavish party just hours before the above incident occurred. Sources say that the gala's opulence was marred only by the sudden appearance of a dozen men wearing gas masks and harlequin costumes. Wayans was not available for comment.

Do you think this dude is THE REAL BATMAN?!

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