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First Kiss Stories: Bloody Nose

First Kiss Stories: Bloody Nose

I had my first kiss at a very early age. I was in seventh grade and I remember like it was just yesterday. Let’s just say his name was Jonathan. I was not the prettiest girl in middle school and the fact that Jonathan wanted to kiss me was overjoying. I was extremely nervous since I had never kissed a guy before and Jonathan had already had his first kiss.

One morning, Jonathan texted me to come outside. (Jonathan was my neighbor.) Well Jonathan decided that we should walk alone to the convenience store that was five minutes up the street. I thought to myself, “Taylor. You can do this. It’s just a kiss. He’s just a boy. A very hot boy. Man up.”

Jonathan wanted to take the shortcut through the forest area near our housing. I had never been through there, but Jonathan reassured me that he knew the way through there like the back of his hand.

Jonathan and I started walking, hand in hand, through the wooded area. I can remember my hands were so shaky. I think my hands were a little sweaty too. The first attempt at him kissing me, I turned my head and cheeked him. For those who don’t know what cheeked means, it is the act of someone leaning in to kiss you and you denying and turning your head so that they kiss your cheek.

So many thoughts were going through my head. Jonathan, the hot guy at our middle school, wants to kiss me and I just cheeked him. We kept walking, but we weren’t holding hands anymore. I felt like he was mad.

Now here comes the funny part. I knew then that I had just ruined everything by cheeking him so I took the liberty of kissing him. Remember I had never kissed a boy. I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me and went to kiss those soft looking lips.

Epic fail…

I guess when I grabbed him and pulled him towards me, I managed to make our heads collide. My head was throbbing after hitting his head and then I looked up. “Sh**.” That was the word that came out of my mouth when I had looked up to see that I had given Jonathan a bloody nose instead of a hot and steamy first kiss. Mood killed.

So yeah, my first kiss was the biggest fail ever. One concussion and a bloody nose later, Jonathan and I decided that a simple just peck would do. And that ladies and gents is my first kiss.

By Taylor

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