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13 Totally (Completely) True Facts about Beyonce

13 Totally (Completely) True Facts about Beyonce

Beyonce is in the midst of world domination. She’s performed at the Presidential Inauguration, the Super Bowl, she has a documentary out, and we feel like this is just the beginning. But how much do you really know about Beyonce? You may be surprised at some of the completely, 100% true facts about her that you’ve never heard of. For example, did you know…

1. Beyonce can ride a horse without a saddle.
2. Beyonce knows how to speak French, but only backwards.
3. Beyonce has never, not once in her life, eaten a sandwich.
4. Beyonce’s recipe for Golden Apple Crumble has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine every month for two straight years.
5. Beyonce owns one of the largest collections of Civil War canons and artillery in the Western Hemisphere.
6. Beyonce was born with a sixth finger on her left hand; she kept it well into her time in Destiny’s Child. When she eventually had it removed, she donated it to a charity auction. It raised over $15,000.
7. Beyonce’s birth name was Clark.
8. During a Destiny’s Child concert in 1999, both Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams came down with a violent stomach bug. Undeterred, using a series of strings, pulleys, and quick costume changes, Beyonce put on the show herself. Not only was a show a huge success, no one noticed the absence of the other two Destiny’s Children.
9. Beyonce has gone uncredited in several films as Philip Seymore Hoffman’s stunt double, including most recently Mission Impossible III.
10. Beyonce once ran into a burning building in the South Bronx to save a seven-year-old girl and a labradoodle puppy. Once safe, she then ran back into the building to put a death row inmate inside. His crime? Disrespect.
11. Beyonce can stare directly into the sun for up to 45 minutes.
12. An amateur recording of Beyonce’s vocal exercises are used as the soundtrack in a haunted attraction in Fort Myers, Florida.
13. Every time Beyonce counts to 10, she forgets 7.

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