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In Defense of Whipped Cream

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In Defense of Whipped Cream

In this article, whipped cream is labeled as an item that shouldn't exist. It was a well written, otherwise accurate article. However, when I read number three, my reaction was, "OH KNOW SHE DIDN'T!" I’m here to defend my precious, wonderful, dairy dessert topping.

It's convenient! Unlike most sweet, yet creamy, convections, such as ice cream, there’s no hassle when you want whipped cream. You don’t have to get out a bowl and spoon, wait for it to thaw, or risk confusing it the container with the yogurt container or the butter container. You can just squirt it straight into your mouth if you feel so bold! All you have to do to prepare it is shake shake shake!

It compliments other sweets! Use it to top ice cream, pumpkin pie, cake, cheese cake, ice cream cake, chocolate lava cake, anything!

It can be used for practical jokes! A classic prank is putting some whipped cream into the palm of someone's hand while they sleep, then carefully tickling their nose with a feather. The victim will instinctively rub his or her nose, thus smearing whipped cream all over his or her face. Although some use shaving cream, whipped cream is a much safer choice, seeing as it's edible, and it can be a snack for on the way back to your own bunk.

It makes a fun sound when you squirt it! Who doesn't love fun sounds?

A quick squirt can give a needed boost! I can't even begin to count how many busy, soul-crushing days whipped cream has gotten me through when other creamy and sweet desserts would take too long to eat.

I tried to upload a picture, but Gary won't let me.

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