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Quiz: Who Is Your Celebrity BFF?

Quiz: Who Is Your Celebrity BFF?

Do you ever wish you could be best friends with a celebrity? We do too! (And not just because they would pay for everything and let us use their pool and personal chef. Honest.) But which celeb is right for you? Find your super celeb soulmate using our eerily accurate quiz.

1. What would be your ideal pet?
A. Fluffy bunny
B. An exotic fish
C. Corgi puppy
D. Mysterious cat
E. Quirky hamster
F. Sassy parrot

2. What is your personal motto?
A. Nice girls finish first.
B. Stand out from the crowd.
C. Knowledge is power.
D. Life's a party!
E. Never take anything too seriously.
F. Loud and proud!

3. What is your favorite thing about your closest friendships?
A. Our loyal bonds to each other.
B. Our similar interests and talents.
C. We make great study buddies.
D. We celebrate each other's weirdness.
E. Sarcasm and wit keeps us on each other's toes.
F. We are constantly laughing to the point of obnoxiousness.

4. Which of these outside-of-school interests is most important to you?
A. Romance/boys
B. Music/singing
C. Travel
D. Arts and crafts
E. Time with friends
F. Drama/theatre

5. Where do you see yourself living someday?
A. Nashville
B. Kansas City
C. London
D. Los Angeles
E. Chicago
F. New York City

6. Your ideal boyfriend...
A. is super romantic, just like you.
B. Is a great dresser and dancer.
C. is a proper gentleman.
D. is totally spontaneous and out of this world.
E. makes you laugh and is down-to-earth.
F. treats you like a princess.

7. You're at your favorite restaurant and it's time to indulge. What do you order?
A. Chocolate-covered strawberries
B. Colorful, fresh sushi
C. A strong and foamy cappuccino
D. A pink cupcake with rainbow sprinkles
E. The perfect comfort food: mac and cheese
F. Spicy pickles

8. How would you and your best friend spend the perfect weekend?
A. On a double date with your crushes.
B. Taking an awesome Zumba class and then getting fresh juice afterwards.
C. Seeing the new hit foreign film.
D. Doing nail art on each other and then baking cute treats...for your cats.
E. Camping out: roasting marshmallows, eating hot dogs, and telling hilarious stories.
F. Shopping til you drop! It's diva time!

Mostly A's: Taylor Swift. You both are hopeless romantics who value kindness and optimism. The two of you would have a great time supporting each other after tough break-ups (Harry who?) and when the guy of your dreams finally texts you back.

Mostly B's: Janelle Monae. You're both creative, fashion-savvy, and adventurous. Together, you'd march to the beat of your own electronic drums.

Mostly C's: Emma Watson. You're worldly, intelligent, and value a good education. If Emma was your BFF, you guys would help each other ace the test and then celebrate over lattes.

Mostly D's: Katy Perry. Like Ms. Perry, you've got a case of the chronic sillies. You love all things cute, and giggling is your favorite. You and Katy would have loads of fun dancing around your room together on a Friday night.

Mostly E's: Jennifer Lawrence. You like to laugh and mostly at yourself, even though you're pretty awesome and super easy to get along with. You and J-Law would have a laid-back but always fun friendship.

Mostly F's: Raven-Symoné. You're a diva and you need someone just as fabulous to hang with. What can we say? You're so Raven and the two of you would help each other be shining stars.

Which celebrity do you wish was your BFF?

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