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Hats Incredible: The Craziest Celebrity Hats

Hats Incredible: The Craziest Celebrity Hats

This weekend is Dr. Seuss’ birthday—and National Read Across America Day! So let’s celebrate with a tribute to something the not-real doctor held near and dear: Hats. While he’s known for giving a famous cat his famous hat, Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel was also avid fan of all sorts of headgear. Images from the exhibit Hats Off Dr. Seuss! indicate indicate that this man was a regular Lady Gaga in his day, rocking everything from white and wooly bearskins to ornate feathered headdresses. So let’s honor him by taking a look back at some of kookiest hats in recent history.

Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding
The only thing that rivaled Pippa Middleton’s bum for attention at the national wedding was what was on Princess Beatrice’s head. Milliner Philip Treacy, who was also responsible for the peacock-like piece on Princess Eugenie’s head, designed the pink bow/lobster/3D Rorschach test. When asked about the media backlash, Treacy said, “I thought they looked gorgeous and beautiful. But no one is crying if anyone didn’t.” And apparently there was someone who found the hat so gorgeous that they shilled out $131,648 to buy it in an auction.

Rep. Frederica Wilson, U.S. Congresswoman
How do you know you’re a hat-addict? Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is such a hat fan that she not only wears a different one every day, she even attempted to lift the ban on head coverings during House sessions. When you bring the law into you head accessories, you know you have a serious love of hats. And we can’t blame her for getting litigious. If we owned a fancy, furry zebra top hat, we would rock that every chance we had. Those things were made to be worn during House sessions.

Aretha Franklin at President Obama’s Inauguration
Before the Beyoncé Lip-Sync-Gate there was the Aretha-Inauguration-Abomination*. To brave the cold D.C. weather, Aretha pretty much wrapped her head in a giant bow, customized with Swarovski crystals, and proudly made in the USA by Detroit-based milliner Mr. Luke Song.

*An abomination to some, but frankly we thought it was pretty badass.

T-Pain at the 2008 Grammys
T-Pain won a Grammy award that night for his collaboration with Kanye West on “The Good Life,” but he should also win the solo honor of Best Top Hat Collection post-Abe Lincoln. He should also get a big pat on the back for being a good guy because in 2010 he gave all 332 of them to the Grammy committee to sell on Ebay for benefit foundations and charities. Hats nice of him.

Lady Gaga at Manchester Academy
Obviously this list wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Ms. Gaga who time and time again establishes herself as the person you would not want sitting in front of you at the movies. We could devote an entire list to her bizarre head gear alone (really, she’s worn everything from telephone hats to horn hats to sparkly, jagged glacier lightning bolt hats), we’d like to give a special shout out to this hair button thing she wore on a visit to the Manchester Academy.

Katy Perry at the 2011 VMAs
Now let’s turn our attention to another quirky pop diva with a penchant for headgear, Katy Perry, who essentially wore a yellow cube on her head. And not just any cube—this one was straight out Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 collection. By the way, how is that thing attached to her head? Anybody? We suspect wizard wishes and/or industrial glue.

Justin Bieber in London
Perhaps in honor of Dr. Suess (or maybe because he’s just fashion freaky) Justin Bieber stepped out in London this week wearing a giant, spiked cap-hat-sort-of-thing. We’re not even going to comment on the rest of the outfit (Except for this: Are you serious with those purple leopard print harem pants?). Anyway, there’s no question that the hat made its mark because screenwriter Damon Lindelof spent nine hours on Twitter calling the Biebs out on it.

Do you have the guts and closet space to don a crazy hat?

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