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Are These New Shoes Offensive Or Fun?

Are These New Shoes Offensive Or Fun?

Fashion trends always push the envelope, but there’s something annoying and offensive about the new line of Skechers called “Daddy’$ Money.” That’s not a typo, and this is not a joke. Skechers is promoting a new line of hidden wedge footwear aimed at spoiled teens who love to spend their father’s money. Check out the awfulness below and prepare to do barrel rolls with your eyes.

Where do we start?

First, what’s wrong with mom’s money? Can teens only use mom’s cash for vegetables and hats? Maybe mom is saving her money for new purses and flowers! Or maybe the ad is just sexist. But let’s ignore that and move on to the bigger issue.

The message of this campaign is, “Teen girls are selfish naughty princesses! Swag!” That’s disgusting. Everyone loves free money, and getting some cash from dad is pretty great, but why must Skechers make teens look like Paris Hilton wannabes destined for their own reality shows?

And if someone mentioned "Daddy's Money" your first thought isn't of fun shoes. No matter how you spell it, the notion of a “Daddy’s Girl” seems either very immature or the title of an adult’s only late-night movie. Maybe Skechers will unveil more oddly named shoes, such as a sandal called “Eww Science and Math” and a ballet flat called “Driving Is For Boyz!!!”

But what do you think? Is the ad just a silly good time, or does the idea of Daddy’$ Money offend you?

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