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Applying for College Just Got Worse: Admissions Officer Mocks Essays Online

Applying for College Just Got Worse: Admissions Officer Mocks Essays Online

It’s already difficult enough applying to college—writing essays, taking standardized tests, touring campuses, and requesting scholarships. But a University of Pennsylvania admissions officer was just fired for making the process even more horrifying by publicly posting admission essays online and openly mocking them.

The admissions officer, Naridah Farah Foley, posted excerpts from real college applicant’s essays to her Facebook, sarcastically adding lines like “another gem” and “stop the madness” after them. Thankfully, students reported the posts, and Foley has been fired from the Admissions office. 

To be fair, admissions officers must read plenty of ridiculous essays that are more than deserving of mockery. Think about some of your classmates, you know, the ones you can’t stand at all. Now try to imagine what they would earnestly write for a topic like “Describe a difficult choice you had to make” or “What is your definition of strength?” There must be some obnoxious, poorly-composed essays, written in bad taste that every admission officer must deal with, there’s no denying that. But posting these online, mocking them for everyone to see? Sometimes you write a bad essay, or you don’t have enough time, or maybe your sense of humor doesn’t come across—to betray the trust you have in submitting your own written work is downright horrible. Plus, making it known why a student was rejected from a college is just too much. We would rather just be rejected; we don’t also need some sarcastic jab and rude comment to tell us exactly what the college didn’t like. Just tell us “no,” no need to add in a “because we don’t like you.”

What do you think? What in your college admission essays would you hate to see posted online? How would you deal with it?

[via HuffPo]

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