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A Modern Day Dr. Seuss, for His Birthday

A Modern Day Dr. Seuss, for His Birthday

Could a Seuss be of use in this day and age?

When technology whatsits are ruling our days?

Because would we, could we crack open a book?

When the Tumbls are Tumblring and you just have to look?

Perhaps Dr. Seuss, if he were still pumping,

Would hop onto Twitter when he had to say something

And he'd tweet and he'd text and he'd blog blogerinks to space

Collecting Like-lots and Followers from an alien race.

He'd call for peace in his pleastarian way,

And the Jupiter droogles would have such nice things to say!

But maybe, just maybe we have jumped up on the gun,

Maybe, just maybe, he'd technologize for fun.

And he'd Reply and Retweet and giggle with glee,

At gifs of kit cattens, meow howling endlessly.

Our guesses are brain memes that wobble and sway,

But it's quite fun to think about on Seuss's birthday.

We aren't the only faloopers in this thought machine.

Our friend Brandon stirbunked his own theories on screen.

Click upon this to catch his Seussian musings,

And tomorrow say, "Seuss, you were born on March Twozings!"

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