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16 Signs Your Crush Is Too Young for You

16 Signs Your Crush Is Too Young for You

1. He can't wait to play Pokémon with you.

2. He is not allowed to see a PG-13 movie.

3. He shares a cell phone with his parents.

4. When you ask her out on a date she thinks you mean a play date.

5. When you go out to eat, she insists you cut her meat for her.

6. She pluralizes everything with a "Z" instead of an "S."

7. She thinks "Lord of the Rings" is a carnival game where you toss rings on to a hook.

8. When chatting online, he abruptly signs off at 9 PM 'cause it is bedtime and he doesn't want to make the closet monsters angry.

9. He thinks Bill Clinton is that lady's husband who won't stop going to the White House with her.

10. He has never heard of Destiny's Child, and can't believe that Tobey Maguire ever played Spider-Man.

11. When he dances, he does the Hokey Pokey.

12. When you pick her up in your car, she immediately sits in the back seat.

13. His birthday party starts at 3 PM and ends at 5:30 PM.

14. When you said you had tickets to a show, she was disappointed it wasn't "Disney on Ice."

15. He doesn't have a curfew, because he never goes out.

16. When you send a text, he always replies, "My mom loved that text!"

So, is your crush too young for you?

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