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Because You're Not Self-Conscious Enough, Fat Letters Are Now a Thing

Because You're Not Self-Conscious Enough, Fat Letters Are Now a Thing

You know how going to school makes you feel super self-confident, beautiful, and sure of yourself all the time? Well, public schools have decided that's enough of that! Because kids these days are showing too many signs of being happy with themselves the way they are (sarcasm), some schools in Massachusetts have taken it upon themselves to send home letters to the parents of kids who are overweight, underweight, or obese.

To make things worse, they're starting this as early as elementary schools, basing their weight judgments on the BMI system...which is not exactly the best measure of how healthy a person's weight is. It doesn't take muscle mass into account, which means some people (like this fourth grader!) are getting obese letters despite the fact that they're not actually obese.

But besides being impractical and unnecessary, what good do these letters do? For people who are really suffering from weight problems, won't publicly singling them out only make them feel worse about their bodies? Couldn't we at least wait until middle school to make people feel like they're not good enough?

What do you think? Do you support "fat letters"?

[Via Jezebel]

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