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6 Games to Play on the Bus

6 Games to Play on the Bus

Riding the bus to school every day kind of stinks. First, you're stuck to a schedule, usually a terrible one. Second, you have to see your classmates in the morning. Third, why is it that we're supposed to wear seat belts in a car, but once you put 50 people in a car, it's totally kosher to abandon that law?

The worst part of all of it? Waiting around and stopping every few blocks. While we're not excited to get to school each morning, we're less excited about being on the bus.
Checking Facebook is boring (we get it, it's snowing / you ate something pretty for dinner / you have the "best boyfriend<3 <3 <3"), and Words With Friends isn't much better at 6:30 AM. You need some games to play to pass the time, and we have them for you.

1. Count the number of people you could legit picture kidnapping you. This is one of my mainstays. I look around at my co-travel-companions, and figure out who is capable of stealing me and making me live in their basement or something. It is a really fun game, promise.

2. Match voices to faces. This works better on a school bus than a city bus, because you have a wider cast of characters in the latter. But on the school bus? Simply close your eyes, eavesdrop, and see how often you're right.

3. Switch things up. Ever noticed how people love to sit in the same seat every day? And when someone gives you a weird look for being in "their" seat, just respond with "THIS IS MY SEAT KENZIE DEAL WITH IT." Do this every day until you are effectively ostracized.

4. Bus patron bingo! Make a bingo game to pass the time. Suggested squares include: Someone has to run to catch up with the bus, it smells like farts, that girl who thinks she's a really good singer sings outloud to the radio, you witness bus PDA (the worst of all PDA), you see someone doing their homework.

5. Word. See how many times you can casually say "meow" on each trip. I like to call this one Word With Friends.

6. Remember the game Telephone? Do that on the bus. Don't you love how a simple, "I hate carrots" turns into "Sky made out with Garrett"?

What do you do to pass the time on the bus? Tell us in the comments!

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