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VIDEO: In Which Texas Basketball Players Are Actually The Best

VIDEO: In Which Texas Basketball Players Are Actually The Best

High school jocks might be the ultra-popular kings and queens of Teenagedom, but they also get a bit of a bad rap in pop culture for general lack of character. Turn on your TV during primetime, and you're bound to come across some broad-shouldered oaf in a letter jacket bullying a nerd, or date-raping someone, or shoving an unfortunate small-statured person into a locker after giving them a wedgie so intense that it'll require surgical intervention to remove.

Which is why we were totally surprised and delighted by this video that surfaced recently, in which a bunch of Texas muscleheads prove themselves to be basically the sweetest group of dudes in the world.

Check it out: at Coronado High School in El Paso, the varsity basketball team has a student manager, Mitchell Marcus, whose developmental disabilities ordinarily keep him on the sidelines during the season. But at the last game of the year, the team's coach (an awesome dude in his own right) gave Mitchell a chance to play during the final ten minutes. And... you know what, actually, we're not gonna tell you. Suffice to say that it's amazing, and everyone involved is amazing, and jocks, we take back every bad thing we ever said about the contents of your brain and/or the aroma of your athletic supporter, which we now realize does not smell like unwashed butt cleavage, but rather gives forth the wonderfully pungent aroma of Total Human Decency.

Does this change the way you feel about jocks?

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