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Harry Styles Gets Bopped in the Nuts

Harry Styles Gets Bopped in the Nuts

Poor, poor Harry Styles. He's had a rough month: first the break-up with T-Swizzle, and now thisduring a concert in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday, some crazy fan threw her shoes at Harry. The first one misses, but the second one hits Harry right in the groin, causing him to fall to the stage in pain. Is it awful if we find this hilarious? Probably. Are we laughing anyway? Definitely.

Of course, our biggest question is WHY? We've got a few theories:

  • Perhaps Taylor Swift is out for revenge. Eventually writing cheesy songs wouldn't be enough for her, right?
  • Maybe it's a declaration of love in her culture to throw clothing? The fan could've just wanted attention. Though why you'd choose a stinky, sweaty sneaker to throw is beyond us.
  • Harry's band mates look a bit suspicious, right? Is it just us, or do Niall and Louis look pretty unconcerned about Harry's, er, more sensitive areas?
  • Someone doesn't want him to have kids. Because honestly, can the world handle more than one Harry Styles?

What do you think is up with the shoe-tossing?

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