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16 Signs Your Crush Is Too Old for You

16 Signs Your Crush Is Too Old for You

1. He is wearing a Green Day t-shirt from their '97 world tour, which he attended.

2. She is on a first name basis with your teachers.

3. He still thinks it's funny to do impressions of Borat.

4. On Halloween, he dresses like one of the guys from the Backstreet Boys and has to explain it to everyone.

5. He complains about "kids today."

6. She is still on MySpace.

7. He thinks Taylor Swift is the inventor of the Swiffer Jet.

8. She remembers voting for George Bush... the first time.

9. He does "The Running Man" dance at parties…without irony.

10. He brags about seeing the first Harry Potter in the theater with his high school friends.

11. Her car has vanity plates that say, "MACARENA."

12. He insists that Lady Gaga is really Pink, that Pink is really Britney Spears, and that Britney Spears is Madonna's cousin. IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY DON'T YOU SEE?!?

13. She is angry because she remembers when MTV used to only play videos.

14. One word: musty.

15. His business card says "Hipster and Entrepreneur."

16. He has a business card.

Have you ever crushed on an old?

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