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What's Your Vampire Diaries Name?

What's Your Vampire Diaries Name?


Although The CW has not been known for its high ratings, they certainly found a hit with The Vampire Diaries, which includes large doses of crazy-emotional love triangles, high school drama, and family issues mixed in with vampires, werewolves, and hybrids, and an amazing cast to top it off. But with The Vampire Diaries on a short hiatus until March 14, how will you ever get your weekly dose of vampire drama? By finding you Vampire Diaries name, of course! Just follow the instructions below!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite class.

Science: Mason/Jenna

Math: Kol/Liz

History: John/Pearl

Literature: Bill/Abby

English: Damon/Isobel

Spanish: Jeremy/Caroline

French: Jonas/April

Gym: Tyler/Bonnie

Art: Atticus/Rose

Music: Zach/Andie

Study Hall: Connor/Ester

Lunch: Luka/Elena

Journalism: Klaus/Carol

Agriculture: Stefan/Anna

Shop: Mikael/Katherine

Cooking: Alaric/Lexi

Computer: Matt/Sheila

Speech: Logan/Vicki

Other: Elijah/Rebekah

“I hate all of my classes.”: Richard/Meredith

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite Toy Story character.

Woody: Fell

Buzz: Saltzman

Rex: Forbes

Jessie: Gilbert

Slinky Dog: Pierce

Hamm: Lockwood

Mr./Mrs. Potato Head: Salvatore

Bullseye: Martin

Little Green Aliens: Mikaelson

Barbie: Petrova

Ken: Donovan

The Bucket O’ Soldiers: Shane

Stinky Pete: Sommers

Zurg: Bennett

Losto: Branson

Other: Young

Supernatural Creature: Choose the supernatural creature that corresponds to your favorite non-Vampire-Diaries vampire.

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Vampire

Dracula: Human

Count Von Count (Sesame Street): Werewolf

Selene (Underworld): Hybrid

Count Chocula: Witch

Mitchell (Being Human): Immortal Ring-Wearer

Edward (Twilight): Hunter

Other: Ghost

Post by Sydney Scott AKA The Vampire Rose Saltzman!

What's your Vampire Diaries name? Have you ever seen this show? YOU MUST WATCH IT. TEHRE ARE SO MANY CUTE BOYS.

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