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What Do College Girls Wear?

What Do College Girls Wear?

Out there, in the big pre-college world, high school girls are wondering what all those college girls are wearing. And I just happen to be a college girl—what a coincidence!

So for your entertainment, here is a typical week in clothes:

Monday: It’s the start of a new week! I’m going to look good today. I have to straighten my hair and do my face. I’ll put on a cute pair of skinny jeans and a nice top.

Tuesday: I’m still keeping it classy. I might even wear a dress and tights.

Wednesday: Ehh, the week is halfway done. Let’s do jeans and a sweatshirt.

Thursday: Leggings count as pants, right?

Friday: Screw it, I’m wearing sweats.

Friday night: Okay, time to get it back together. If I’m going out, I have to look good. I’m breaking out my party dress.

Saturday & Sunday: Exhausted and studying. There’s no way I’m wearing proper pants today.

Basically, if you want to look like you’ve got it together, try to wear real pants on the days people see you. Your roommates are stuck with you, so in your room/dorm feel free to wear sweats, yoga pants, pajama pants or just no pants if they’re okay with that sort of thing.

For everything else, here’s what you need to know.

Every day:

Everyday clothes differ depending on the school. At my school, everyone wears jeans and t-shirts to class. You’re able to wear sweatpants about once a week without anyone looking down on you. I know at some schools, khakis, polos, and sweater vests are the norm and if you wear sweatpants to class people will ask if everything’s okay. At other schools, people wear sweatpants all the time. So it’s hard to know going in as a freshman. My advice is to ask someone you know who goes to the school what people wear, or look around at what everyone else is wearing that first week.

Party clothes:

A party outfit must satisfy two requirements. 1) You look and feel good in it. And 2) It’s cheap. Point 2 is important because chances are someone at some time is going to spill something on you, and it’s better if you ruin a $20 dress as opposed to an $80 dress.

Comfy Clothes:

I’m pretty sure we all have those days when jeans are just not happening. If that is the case, you have three options:

-Sweatpants: They’re so comfortable it’s a sin.

-Yoga pants: They’re the sexy cousin of sweatpants.

-Leggings: Going into college, I was strongly on team “leggings aren’t pants.” I always thought that leggings were meant to be worn under dresses or as an extra layer protecting you from the cold. That was until I started wearing them all the time and discovered just how wonderful they are. If you too enjoy leggings as pants, then there are some rules you should follow. First, it’s best to stick with darker colors—black or navy. It has more of a “pants” look. Secondly, you have to wear a longer shirt or sweater so that your better “assets” are covered up a little bit. It’s best for everyone that way.


When it comes to shoes, sometimes you just need to sacrifice style for comfort- especially if it’s a big campus and you’re walking a lot in between classes. Most of my everyday shoes fall into Converse, Toms, or Uggs. A quick word of advice—check the weather forecast before leaving for class and make your choose your shoe accordingly—dry rainboots beat soggy sneakers.

As for party shoes, if you’re going to wear killer heels, you have to commit. There’s no going back or taking them off when you get there. So if the pain and blisters aren’t worth the cute factor, wear some flats. Or flip-flops—fraternity floors are gross.

And that is the extent of my fashion knowledge. Sorry future fashionistas—that’s all I’ve got. I keep telling myself that when I have money I’ll become fashionable. Which, in super fun time news may be soon because guess who got a co-op offer for the fall? THIS GIRL! Woot! That also means I won’t have classes again after this semester until next spring! How weird is that?

Anyone else have good news or college fashion advice?

Faye :)

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