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I Will Blink When the Weeping Angels Come

I Will Blink When the Weeping Angels Come

"Blink” is one of the best episode of not only Doctor Who, but of all modern TV. Even if you’re just a mild Who fan (such as myself) you will fall in love with this creepy episode. And non-fans can jump in and enjoy this episode without knowing a lick about Doctor Who! But after watching it, I had one thought: When the Weeping Angels attack, I plan to blink as hard as I can.

The Weeping Angels are fascinating type of Doctor Who “creature.” These aliens look like regular statues to humans, but when you’re not looking (i.e. blinking, sleeping, looking at SparkNotes), they sneak up on you and send you back in time with their...powers. They can't move if you're looking at them. But they don’t kill you. Let’s be clear on that.

The popular phrase, “Don’t blink! Blink and you’re dead,” gets passed around, but that’s a lie. If you blink, and the aliens touch you, you don’t die, but instead are sent back in time while the angels feast on your potential energy. So that entire phrase is flat-out wrong. It's like saying, "If you feed a Gremlin after midnight, you get a hot dog."

Remember when I said I was but a mild Doctor Who fan? Keep that in mind because I may have all the details wrong regarding the angels, but from what I gathered after watching “Blink,” getting attacked by a Weeping Angel isn’t all that bad. Hell, it could be great!

Imagine going into the past and using all your knowledge of modern times for profit and fun! While I may not understand how cell phones work, or what makes the internet go fast, I could teach the people of 1689 about bicycles or primitive airplanes? If I were sent back to the 1970s, I could write the Harry Potter series and beat J.K. Rowling by decades (and have Harry marry Luna, like he should)! I could invest in Apple Computers and bet on football games! And I could tell every Zach Galifianakis joke and take all the credit! I could even “invent” the Harlem Shake!!!

If I were sent waaay back in time, I could use what little science knowledge I have to impress the world with fire, magnets, and a vinegar/baking soda volcano! They would make me their king!

After being attacked by a Weeping Angel, there are many options, and not all of them are horrible and scary. When people say the Weeping Angels are terrifying, I disagree. They might be annoying and they will put a damper on your current five-year-plan, but they’re not scary. They’re helpful!

I’d much rather be attacked by a Weeping Angel than a zombie bear.

Also, if I am sent back in time, I will bury a bunch of valuable old comic books under the big oak tree! Find it and enjoy!

Are Weeping Angels just misunderstood good guys?

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