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Attention: Zooey Says We're All Getting Bobs Now

Attention: Zooey Says We're All Getting Bobs Now

Listen up. manic pixie dream girls! There is a memo just in from the boss: bangs and long tresses are out, bobs are in. Like Zooey Deschanel, you are no doubt tiring of dying your hair dark brown every two weeks when your roots grow in, and your rotator cuffs are starting to wear from holding up the hairdryer to inject va-va-voom into your long locks. You are also suffering severe bang regret. Ah, the bangs. The ever-growing, sometimes crooked, always misbehavin' bangs. Each day you would ask yourself: Why did I get bangs? And the answer is: because Zooey.

Well now Zooey is leading us into a new era of carefree bob-ness, replete with the side-swept bangs debuted at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. The whimsy quotient is still pretty high with this hairstyle, as you can see in the SparkLife slideshow, so when you go for the chop, don't forget to keep your head tilted 30 degrees to the right, so the hairdresser can get the angle right. Then, pop on your favorite boop-y dress and say every sentence as if it's a question?


Here are other reasons we think chopping off our hair is a good idea:

  • Alice Eve
  • Ashley Greene
  • Summer is a'coming!
  • Your hair has betrayed you and must be punished.
  • You are in witness protection.
  • You like to keep your friends close, and your split ends closer.

What do you think of Zooey's new do?

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