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Spring Break Vacations: Myths Vs. Reality

Spring Break Vacations: Myths Vs. Reality

Lucky enough to be jetting out of town for your spring break? If so, we hate you feel vaguely jealous that your life is cooler than ours. If, like us, you happen to be sticking around to spend the break in your own home, it’s easy to sulk and feel sorry for yourself while your peers are sipping virgin daiquiris on the beach. But are spring break trips REALLY as great as we make them out to be? 

Myth: You’d be getting the best tan of your life on the beach, if only your parents had let you go to Mexico with your best friend.
Reality: When you returned, you’d only be rubbing aloe on your shoulders all day long.

Think your best friend will come back with a glistening, even tan covering her shoulders, face, arms, and legs? Think again. When she returns, she will most likely be carrying a Costco-sized aloe bottle from class to class, trying to stop her body from shedding skin like a scaly reptile. You'll dust her peeling skin off her shirts and skirts for the next several weeks while she tells you how she hung out naked in front of a fan the previous night to help ease the burn.

Myth: If you were in Aruba, you'd be eating plate after plate of lobster tails, crab legs, and shrimp at the all-inclusive resort. Your parents would have already paid for the endless mountains of expensive seafood anyway!
Reality: The food at all-inclusive resorts is usually really bad. Think Old Country Buffet style, but with no mac 'n cheese! If you make a trip to an all-inclusive resort that doesn’t involve a desperate sprint to the bathroom, consider yourself lucky. While the five-stars advertise an endless stream of gourmet food, most of them actually serve seafood that tastes like it has an extra helping of sand.

Myth: If you were going somewhere warm for spring break, you’d be buying a new bathing suit that’s super cute and NEON, helping you easily make “friends” on the trip.
Reality: While we’re sure you’d look GREAT, all those stay-at-home-moms/gym rats are trying to upstage young, pretty teenage girls. You might have read The Hunger Games, but these young moms have taken that book title to a whole new level. Looking good is their job, so after Christmas these ladies cut out their carbs, amped up their cardio, and hired a really cute trainer to help find all of their abs. Teenage guys on spring break will be checking them out, texting their friends about their cleavage, and Googling the lyrics to “Stacy’s Mom.

Myth: You'd make out with someone on the beach during your trip (probably at a bonfire or something).
Reality: The only kissing action you’d be part of is spying your parents smooching on a hammock. When you go with your parents on vacation, it’s really their time to kick back and relax. And sometimes that means “re-connecting” (yeah, gross). But if you happened to come back from snorkeling a little bit earlier than they anticipated, you might see something that can’t be unseen. Maybe your "lucky" best friend will catch her parents lovin' on each other in Mexico!

Are spring break trips the BEST or are they not too exciting?

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