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18 Signs You Go to an All-Girls' School

18 Signs You Go to an All-Girls' School

This article exploded on the internet last week among girls who go to all-girls schools (or went to one a decade ago, like this writer, who may or may not ever shave her legs). Its observations about girls' schools are 110% spot on, and we wanted to add a few more items to the list...

  1. Not only do you never shave your legs (except maybe around turnabout), but you also only shower maybe twice a week. Maybe.
  2. Your Friday nights often involve driving past the houses of guys you wish were your boyfriend or prank-calling the guys who were stupid enough to give you their number.
  3. You sleep over at your friend’s house for the sole purpose of being able to say “hey” to her brother when he comes home after a date with his girlfriend.
  4. You make brownies and cookies for no reason—you have, like, 100 girls in your grade who want to eat some, always.
  5. If you ever wear makeup, girls snarl and ask, “What are you doing after school?”
  6. That one time when you fell asleep while watching a movie in history class and you farted and woke yourself up—that didn’t even become a story because things like that happen all the time.
  7. You went on Kairos, cried a lot, and became best friends again with that girl from grammar school who got too cool for you when you started high school. That lasted for a few months before she stopped inviting you to cool places again.
  8. When you see a guy picking up a girl from school, you always contemplate trying to sneak into his car, too.
  9. You're taking a journalism class during senior year that only exists so the teacher can gossip about the other teachers (who are also nuns).
  10. When you took your friend’s 15-year-old cousin as your prom date, no one judged. In fact, the girl who took her actual cousin was kind of jealous of you.
  11. It’s normal to dress up as your favorite teachers (i.e. geeky choir director) for Halloween and other weird school-sanctioned theme days.
  12. You and your whole lunch table are synchin’ up on the same period cycle.
  13. During lunch, you eat gooey cafeteria cookies and cheese sticks while discussing whether to join Environmental Club so you can go on that trip to Costa Rica where all the girls kiss men who work at the hotel.
  14. When you planned your entire Catholic wedding to Jude Law as a homework assignment for your religion class, you expected, and received, no less than an A.
  15. Your Friday nights consist of going to watch football or basketball games at your brother school with your friends to meet guys, and sitting in your car in the Wendy’s parking lot.
  16. Your wardrobe consists only of a) your uniform and b) clothes to wear to Friday night football games.
  17. You never hemmed your much-too-long uniform skirtafter all, why pay a tailor 50 bucks to put it above the knee when you can just roll it up  for free?
  18. You always wear shorts under your skirt so that your butt cheeks are covered and in place.

Do you go to an all-girls school?

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