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18 Comebacks for Proud Nerds

18 Comebacks for Proud Nerds

By Janet Manley

1. I know you are, but what am isotope?
2. The denser you are, the more undeniable gravity is.
3. Why don’t you make like a centrifuge and separate.
4. Make like a stereoscope and be nice be nice.

5. My temper is about reach a boil, and you do NOT want to inhale my hate vapors.
6. I want to believe that you’re a good person, but at your core, you’re just a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.
7. Is your brain a nano?
8. Why don’t your hypothalamus and I take this out to the bike shed.
9. <img>ne being in someone else’s shoes for a change.
10. Make like a beaver and build a bridge to get over it.
11. Make like an ermine and grow a second pair of nipples.
12. Like magnesium, your ignorance burns bright.
13. I choose to neutralize your acidity.
14. You might be giving me the freeze, but your thermal print says you feel otherwise.
15. Read the sine: wave goodbye.
16. If you’re trying to ask me out, the answer is nitrous oxide (NO).
17. I find your attempts at humor conical.
18. Hanging out with you is like being attacked by pyrites.

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